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my style: feather jeans & leather jacket

So I couldn’t help myself but buy those feather printed jeans after featuring them on a “Pattern Spy” post here and this is how I am wearing them…

Feather Printed Jeans: , Silk Blouse: , Leather Jacket: , Gold Boots:

progress: kitchen cabinets

So now that all the boxes are sorted and organized, it’s assembly time. Having received them flat packed, () we were able to save money by assembling them ourselves, but with we didn’t have to sacrifice the quality. The cabinets are made with solid birch and even have the soft-close drawers, unlike our . Not to knock you Ikea… we did get our and our from you (which I love)!

Here is a peek at our kitchen starting to come together. To see what the kitchen originally looked like look here.

progress: kitchen design

So here is how I designed our little kitchen from across the country. I laid out the walls in  using a 1 mm to 1 inch scale and with the catalogue in hand I started drawing up the kitchen, picking and choosing which cabinets fit where. I started with items like the sink cabinet, the range, and the refrigerator since they don’t have as many size and placement options and then placed cabinets around them. This drawing was also very handy when the bazillion flat packed boxes got delivered to the cabin so that we could easily sort which cabinet went where.

progress: new ceiling

Here is another look at the raw sagging plywood that was the ceiling when we first bought the place. It is also the first thing that we tackled when we arrived this trip. I picked out some 1x4s from good ole  that we cut to size and then we trimmed out, caulked, and painted the ceiling.

Oh, and we also happily said goodbye to that not so attractive track lighting.


from the weekend: michigan to la

This weekend we spent our time making our way from our cabin in Michigan back to our home in LA. Above shows me taking the last stroll of the trip along Lake Michigan and Rupert waiting outside of .

Images from my  feed.



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