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on the farm

We made it over to England this morning and our first stop was to visit Rupert’s family’s farm and to see his granny, grandpa, aunt, and uncle.  The farm grows a variety of herbs and plants that are then distilled to make essential oils and the grounds are beeeaaaaautiful. Taking a walk in the rain was just what we needed to stay awake to ward off some bad jet lag… here is hoping at least.

Image by Rupert

my style: floral jeans & polka dots

I have to say I am not usually drawn to wear floral prints, but when I saw and how the blooms pop off of a black ground my heart skipped a little bit.

1: Floral jeans from  //  2: Polka dot blazer from  //  3: Tee from  //  4: Shoes from

from the weekend: wedding fun

This weekend one of my all time favorite couples walked down the aisle and said their “I do’s”. I was also the designer behind the wedding so it was a busy busy weekend making all the final touches etc. Everything came together beautifully and the bride was BEYOND stunning. I can’t wait to share the photos of the evening but for now you can see a few sneak peeks of the night here, through my feed.

pattern spy: arrows

I love a good arrow motif. Here are a few that I would gladly bring into my life. Well, not so much the onesie just yet but you know what I mean.

1: from Wild Olive // 2: from Cavern found via from // 3:  from Eleventyfive

three years

Three years ago today I married this handsome charmer. Happy Anniversary to my best friend, my love, and the greatest man I know. I am one lucky lucky girl.

To see more of our wedding day you can check it out , , , and !

Images by

складные велосипеды

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