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Smitten Travels: Treebones Resort, Big Sur

Our weekend in the nest in Big Sur, was easily one of our favorite trips we’ve taken.

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from the weekend: big sur & human nest

There is nothing like a normal Monday morning to slap you back to reality… especially when you spent your weekend up in Big Sur and everything about it felt straight out of a dream. So, while I am struggling to sit back in front of the computer this morning, the good times from the weekend won’t soon be forgotten.

Rupert and I headed up the coast and spent the weekend exploring, hiking (through what I am sure to be an enchanted forest), picnicing, and sleeping under the stars in that otherworldly “human nest” above. The whole thing felt very “” and we were happy to feel like kids again on some great adventure.

More on our stay in “the nest” at coming up…

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In the studio: mood board

Speaking of new ventures… here is a little mood board I put together for a branding & product line project I am working on. I am dying to share more but this will have to do for now. :)

Images are pulled for inspiration only and are not mine. All the patterns are copyright Smitten Studio

shifting priorities

Things are changing around here! I have some exciting projects in the works and with all that comes a shift in priorities.

In the past I have been pretty good about balancing my work/home life but things have gotten busier around here lately so I have decided to switch things up a bit. Starting very soon I will be spending a little less time at and a little more time on my own projects. I can’t wait to share all the details here on Smitten Studio and I look forward to being able to put more time into what I love doing. For me “stop and smell the roses” means not only taking time to slow down and enjoy life but also making your passions a priority and that is precisely my plan moving ahead.

I hope you all will enjoy following along. :)

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Pattern Spy: Horses

This week’s pattern spy is for all you equestrian lovers out there.

I have had my eye on this gorgeous from  for a while now, and thought it would be a great anchor for a horse themed round-up. So, here it is… go buck wild! (har har)

1: Horse Mini Skirt from   //  2: Rifle Paper   //  3: Vintage Bronze

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cooler shock ice packs

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