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l.a. home: sofa update & chairs for sale

We have lived in our Los Angeles home for about 5 years now and other then a few tweaks, and a few additions of collected things here and there, everything has remained basically the same since we first decorated it. Most of the items in our house we bought or made because we loved them and/or the story behind them. Our sofa however, we grew to hate and seeing our home through the lens while shooting it for the kinda made me want to update a few things.

The sofa didn’t look terrible (if you don’t mind an obnoxiously large sofa with boxy cushions that never really laid straight) but the worst part was that is was insanely uncomfortable. I mean really, how am I supposed to watch a Bachelor marathon if I can’t get cozy? The dogs seemed to have shared in our disdain and wanted to make that clear by chewing holes in the cushions in attempt to pull out all of the stuffing. You can see the old sofa above (pre canine treatment) and also in our .

Well, we finally gave that couch the boot and welcomed in this new blue beauty from to .

I am looking forward to updating a few things in our home and now that we have a new sofa, that we love, we are on the hunt for a new chair to compliment its fabulousness.

I now only have room for one chair and I feel bad splitting the two yellow ones up (shown at the top) so I am selling them both. If you are interested and live in the LA area (local pick-up only) shoot me an email. They are from Urban Outfitters (& currently still ) and in like-new condition. I’m asking $250 a piece or $450 for the pair. Let’s find these guys a good home. :)

Images by Shescorts Sherman Samuel

Product guide: Sofa from find similar at // // coffee table from find similar at  //  // Oversized photograph of Lake Superior by me (Shescorts) find my fave beach photographer here, .

Smitten Travels: Hotel Lincoln – Chicago

Over the holidays Rupe and I went back to Michigan but we also fit in a little trip to Chicago. We happened to stumble across the on and decided to stay there for a couple nights for a vacation from our vacation. Come to find out it is a hotel which is based out of San Francisco and is the same company responsible for the colorful  hotel in Palm Springs among many other unique California places to rest your head.

From the minute we walked in the lobby I knew this was my kind of place. It’s the kind of inviting lobby that makes you want to sit around and hang out for a while. My favorite part was the mix of patterns, colors, and textures. I snapped these photos of a few that were just in the lobby alone!

Get a peek into the lobby and read more after the jump.


from the weekend: a few favorite spots

Rupe was away on a shoot all weekend so I had plenty of good quality girl time which meant frequenting a few of my favorite places. You know you are having fun when meeting for lunch leads to coffee and then to dessert & coffee and then of course you get hungry again so pizza and then why not drinks. A friend and I did that with a restaurant crawl from the cafe at store to to . That’s my kind of line-up for a Sunday afternoon.

Images by me via . (I’m )


pattern spy: houndstooth

Houndstooth has been around for a long while but I have to say it looks pretty modern and fun when done in these bold & graphic ways.

1: Skirt from // 2: Pillow from  // 3: Cupcake Liners from

cabin progress: rug search

Tagging on to last weeks kitchen update… I am on the search for a rug. Right now I have this floral rug from that I picked up long ago and while I do like the colors OK, I think the floral pattern is skewing the space more towards a country kitchen look then I would like. Here are a few rugs that are a bit more of what I am thinking.

I thought it would be nice to get a little punch of color in the kitchen with a beautiful rug, however I am not yet completely sold on any of these. While I love #4 it doesn’t come in the right size… Wah wah wahh. I guess the search is still on. Any favorite rug resources?

To see all of the cabin progress go here.

Image by Shescorts Sherman Samuel

1. Moroccan rug from // 2. rug by // 3. Boucherouite rug from  // 4. Vintage Kilim rug by

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