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in my bag: vegas

I could seriously use a weekend getaway, so why not Vegas? I’m thinking of grabbing a few girls and hitting the pool by day then a show or two at night. Here’s what would be coming along with me.

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from the weekend: rupe’s first day out!

It was a big weekend in the Samuel household. Four weeks after surgery, Rupert had his first trip out of the house. We finally got to share a meal together and in one of our favorite spots. I didn’t realize just how often we usually went out to eat until all of the sudden we couldn’t. Thank God we had some good friends that brought us meals those first few weeks.

When you go through anything that disrupts your usual schedule I think it makes you look at things a little differently. This time around it has me more thankful for things I’ve never given much thought to and has reminded me of what’s important.

It also made me realize that when I’m stressed I do very stupid things like when I stubbed my toe I thought it was a good idea to kick a chair in anger and ended up cutting my ankle as well, or like when I was leaving my house, I jumped in the car, turned it on, and slowly back into the still closed garage door. I think I have cursed more these past couple weeks then in my entire life combined. Please tell me that happens to someone else as well. I mean, not the cursing part but the absent minded happenings that come along when your head is so full you think it might pop.

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pattern spy: lemons

All these lemons have me wishing for a tropical holiday. If only I could grab and head to… hmm Bora Bora?

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cabin progress: open shelves

Here is a better look at the shelving we made in the kitchen. Yay for all the extra storage space!

If you remember from the before photos originally the kitchen only had open shelving as the above counter storage. We knew we wanted to bring some of that back into the kitchen so here is how we did it.

Basically, we just picked up some poplar boards from , cut them down to size with an angle at both ends as to not interfere with the window and the cupboards on either side, painted all the pieces, put up the brackets (made sure to find the studs), and then secured the boards to the brackets. It was one of our easier projects and I’m not sure why I waited so long to get it done.

It makes a big difference in the kitchen, especially since I was getting quite used to the blank space that was there for a while. Of course the best part of having the open shelving is that what goes up there is always changing, giving the room a space for a revolving display and making the stylist in me a little giddy. Right now, aside for the enamel dishes that we picked up at a vintage shop, everything up there is fairly new and I look forward to adding in some things with age and seeing how the collection evolves over time.

To see the kitchen before photos check here.
To see all the cabin progress thus far check here.

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from the weekend: a besties wedding

This weekend one of my nearest and dearest got married. It’s the best thing being able to contribute to a friends wedding day… it just seems all the more special when you are designing for someone you love. You know how they say food tastes better when it is made with love? Well, in the same vein, I think my table runners, paper goods, and even the smilebooth props looked extra good that night. :). Congrats to Bea & John.

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