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A Sunny Afternoon – Picnic

a sunny afternoon picnic // smitten studioa sunny afternoon picnic // smitten studioa sunny afternoon picnic // smitten studio We got our first bit of press yesterday over on Did you guys see? Here are a few additional photos from the picnic and there’s even more in the .

This was the real maiden voyage with our and it turned out so great. We packed up our spread in the cabin, walked down to the then empty beach and found a perfect spot to spread out. We broke bread with Caroline & Jayden of while they captured it all.

I have always loved everything about a picnic… they have a way of slowing things down, you get to enjoy the scenery, I’m pretty sure food just tastes better outside, it gives you an excuse to eat with your hands and no one cares if you fall asleep at the “table”.

Last year, I was shopping for a new picnic basket and I came up empty while looking for one that would match my style, so I set out to design one that would. I started developing a few prototypes and finally narrowed in on you see today. The leather handles against the dark stained wood, along with the black & white patterned interior lining are the modern updates (with a little fashion influence) to the traditional basket that I was looking for. I hope you love as much as I do and find yourself making more excuses to enjoy the sunshine, pull up a blanket, and eat outside. :)

Get your A Sunny Afternoon  here.
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Styled by Shescorts Sherman Samuel

Introducing A Sunny Afternoon

I CAN NOT express how excited I am to announce the launch of my  & online . It is LIVE folks. :)

You may remember that I left my fulltime job about 6 months ago to make the move out on my own. It has been quite the roller coaster, stretching me well outside of my comfort zone at times, but I couldn’t be more grateful for the creative growth and the experiences that have come out of it. Most of all, I am happy to now share with you….

Here’s a look at a few of my products/babies from our Summer collection that you will find over there. I hope you take a moment to , read a little more it, and let me know what you think!

You can see a couple behind the scene photos from the first after the jump and check out the rest of the Summer 2013 collection lookbook here.

Lookbook images in this post are by Jessie Webster; styled by  Shescorts Sherman Samuel
Product images by Shescorts Sherman Samuel

P.S. Thank you all for the super sweet and encouraging comments from the sneak peak on Monday. It put a little extra spring in my step to get me through all this computer time!
P.P.S. With any new site there may be some kinks and quirks to work out. Let me know if something isn’t working for you and we will try and fix it right away.


A glimpse at my new brand

Ok guys… it is getting closer!!! I have talked here and there about how I have been developing my own line of products and I am so happy to say that I am in the final stages.

I have been planning, designing, writing, managing, making, and styling behind the scenes for months now and want to give you a little glimpse into what I have been working on by sharing the name, logo, and a few visual elements of the brand. I treated myself as my own graphic design client and thought you might want to see the final logo presentation I gave myself. :)

So here it is… the name and identity of my products, A Sunny Afternoon. I wanted to make sure it played well with the look and feel of Smitten Studio as it really is an extension of it, as well as me. I hope you like.

The will be open for business in just a few short days, just in time to be enjoyed on the sunny days of summer! It will be stocked with hand crafted and American made picnic & homewares, designed by yours truly. Stay tuned for more details soon!

Logo design by Shescorts Sherman Samuel
Photo by , Styled by Shescorts Sherman Samuel

from the weekend: glitter guide shoot & working working

This weekend I had the pleasure of getting my home photographed for a “Style at Home” feature. Cracker wasn’t quite sure about getting her photo taken but she sure did like having the extra people around the house. I captured her here in a rare moment of calm.

I’ve also been a busy bee prepping things for the launch of my product line. (psst… that walnut board above is part of the collection. :) More on that in a few!

Images by me via (I’m )

pattern spy: wildflowers

A few gorgeous flower prints to liven up your phone, wardrobe, and home!

shopping guide: by Rifle Paper // from Asos // from Anthropologie




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