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smitten links: 03

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you are staying in and avoiding the black friday madness like me, here are a few great things for your viewing pleasure. :)

1: The beautiful work of . they designed from an old brothel is particularly gorgeous.

2: There’s a new online (and brick & mortar) shop in town.  is a well-edited mix of premium products (and also one of the first select stockists of !)

2: This collection of , pretty prints & lovely styling.

4: If you haven’t heard of  yet, I would suggest you hop over to and take a look at their past online issues. Its a publication that features what happens when creatives (photographers, stylists, art directors, etc etc) are at play. It’s not work done for a client, it is a collaboration of their own designing and that is why it has struck a chord with me.

They are currently working on their next issue and have a project to fund it! If you’d like to see the stunning photography and travel stories in print, head over to their page to sponsor the project. There are only 2 days to go! There are all levels of pledges, you can pledge $25 for your own printed issue, and from $30 to $1500 for different limited addition prints from Tiny Atlas contributors. Let’s help them make this publication happen!

gift guide: for her

And now for the ladies! I gathered these feminine giftables to cover the women in your life and maybe to give santa a little hint hint on my end. ;)

Don’t miss the gift guide for the men and my for even more ideas that I will continue to add to.

Shopping Guide:  // // //  // // //  // //  // // //

Thanksgiving table for two

This year Rupert and I are going to have a Thanksgiving meal, just the two of us, cooking in our kitchen together (it will be the first real meal cooked in the new space!) and reflecting on all we are thankful for before heading out to drop in on a few friends’ celebrations around town.

thanksgiving table for two // A Sunny Afternoon // Smitten Studiothanksgiving table for two // A Sunny Afternoon // Smitten StudioI like to set the table the day before (in this case two days before, because I am feeling festively nerdy) so that the next day we can dedicate all our time to the food. I make a pretty good mess in the kitchen and since I don’t cook all that often, I have to concentrate hard on getting all the timing right. One less thing to think about helps make sure we aren’t eating dry stuffing or cold turkey. ;)

How are you guys spending your Turkey Day?

& are part of my new collection // // // // Chairs are vintage

Images by Shescorts Sherman Samuel

gift guide: for him

With our more major house renovations just around the corner, this year I have a feeling my Christmas shopping list for Rupe is going to read a lot more like a Home Depot receipt (nothing says Merry Christmas like drywall or a new toilet right?). I did however put together this round-up of my favorite “for him” gifts so that you can get the men in your life something a little more exciting.

Although, I may just have to breakdown and get those handsome . He can use it around the house so I think it still serves double duty right? ;)

I also started a if you want to follow along and get some more gifty options as I do all my other holiday shopping.

Shopping guide: // // // // // // // // // // //

from the weekend: nesting & quality time

Last week we got our cabinet doors and drawer fronts all painted and ready to hang (see a ), so Saturday Rupe and I had an all day DIY date with our kitchen. When Sunday came around we took a break and did an exact repeat of last weekend with a lazy brunch and a long walk by the water in the early evening.

p.s. how is it Thanksgiving week already! Yikes.

Images by me via Instagram (I’m )


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