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desert modern living room

I’ve been working with a client in Palm Springs to furnish a newly renovated house and we are coming up on the final install so I thought I’d share the design board for the living area. She had a few pieces already in place, like the sofa and the butterfly chair, so jumping off from there I created this modern/warm/boho living space. It’s a second home/will be a rental home, so we kept things neutral in the main space, layering up on natural textures for a tranquil easy on the eyes vibe. We were also restricted to pieces that could be purchased online and easily delivered since the owner and I have both been working remotely other than a couple quick site visits. Oh and don’t worry there is color going into the rest of the home which I will share soon!

get the look:
// // // // // // // // // baskets (collected – ) // // bench // // brass birds () // //  


backyard progress: modern pergola

It has already started to heat up around these parts and I am looking forward to using more and more of our backyard again. We built the benches two years ago creating an outdoor living room/lounge area that we love. The benches are still looking great however the grass to the left of the lounge area did not survive long after this photo was taken. So I started thinking about how we could claim that part of our yard, which turned into a muddy mess, back again.

You may remember this baby shower I threw literally days after the new sod was put in and the grass glorious and the bougainvillea served as a perfect backdrop for the dining table. That space was always meant to be out outdoor “dining room” but the grass never took because, shaded by the bougainvillea, the corner never gets any sun and we were left with a squishy muddy mess.


You can start to see the the mud taking over here.

So, I made a plan. Mostly in my head but I threw together a quick sketch so Rupert was on board and off we went. I wanted to create a modern pergola that would not only be framed out by the bougainvillea but also with patio lights for extra ambience during those long summer evening dinners. I kept the structure simple using only 4×4’s (make sure they are treated because they will be going into the ground) and cut the cross beams flush to the support beams to keep it modern. We dug down about a foot and a half and anchored each post with cement before adding the cross beams with 6 inch bolts.

Here is a snap of our work in progress and speaking of snaps… I have been snapchatting lately (I still still slightly like a granny with new technology when I use it but I’m @sarahssamuel where you can see more behind the scenes (and lots of Archer) on the daily). We bought 2′ x 2′ paver stones for the base which we plan to fill the spaces with river rock.

Next we covered the entire ground area with plastic, so no stray grass starts growing between our new pavers (no one likes that), and then covered that with sand making sure all is level and good before placing the pavers. That’s as far as we’ve gotten but hopefully we can finish before the weekend as we have a double header birthday party!

follow along for more progress on (I’m ) and snapchat (I’m @sarahssamuel)

Pavers and 4x4s from HD Supply

style stories: structured top

Did you all have a mushy gushy Valentine’s Day? We went to the beach, but it was so foggy the sand was still wet and Archie wasn’t a fan of the sand being stuck to his everything. ha! Then in the afternoon I did a with a friend which is very non-lovey dovey but hey, Valentines can be for friends too right? In the evening Rupert made me dinner which is our usual V-day tradition, he always surprises me with a new recipe and doesn’t let me do a thing but light the candles. However, I saved this outfit for our president’s day dinner out, because nothing says romance like leopard print and George Washington.

I love the interesting silhouette of this top I found a while back at Need Supply. The structure of it works well paired with a fitted skirt or skinny jeans and I was so drawn to the almost architectural quality of it. It is always so fun discovering new labels to love.

Top by  via (in , or // Leopard Skirt from J.Crew (old) Find similar , and // //Cuffs  by and J.Crew //

Photos by o

LA Trend Crawl

A couple weeks back I partnered with in a “trend crawl” which took me around to a few of my favorite LA spots with a handful of fashion and beauty experts. Our first stop was at the where we had lunch at the restaurant Viviane and chatted about spring trends.

As with most all of designed interiors, I was going major heart eyes over all the details.

That bar, that folding screen, the chairs… the whole darn place.

Our second stop was at where we received a Dove Dry Spray fragrance prescribed to us by an astrologist to align with our personal senses, along with a color horoscope with hand picked mani colors to complement it. She said red is a great color for me, who knew?! I’ve been missing out this whole time. ha!

She also prescribed staying fresh with the “ scent which is described as vibrant, vivacious, cheerful and spirited, it promises to keep you fresh for days, so I am 100% ok with that. :)

Our final stop was at one of my all time fave boutiques, where we sipped champagne, shopped, and learned about the magic of Dove Dry Spray. The trick is that it goes on instantly dry and leaves no visible residue while also caring for your skin, so it’s perfect for sleeveless styles and multiple trips to the dressing room.

After we were all shopped out I headed home to revel in the goodies from the day.

Polish from // Bag and Sunglasses from // // and my cute placard from lunch

shop picks: H&M

I still remember when my Michigan raised self took my first trip to New York as a teenager and discovered . The malls and shopping where I grew up didn’t have such stores, the only place to shop for anything fashion forward was TJ Maxx, and of course I am aging myself, but online shopping wasn’t a thing. So I felt like H&M was the holy grail of fashion that was also affordable to my summer job budget (I also discovered Zara on the trip and I think I spent a good 5 hours there, it was a big day for me and my closet).

Anyway, these days I sometimes check in to see what’s new and have totally forgotten that they have a home section until I was looking for a and wham! I found the perfect one. Oh and thennnn I got started down a rabbit hole and filled my cart with all sorts of home accessories because, copper (!), and because my new studio isn’t going to style itself. So I had to share, so you can join me in my squeals of retail delight ;).

Here is a peek at a few of my favorite and affordable goodies at H&M right now. I also got (!).

// // // // // // // // // // //


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