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real talk real moms: co-parenting

 We’ve got another installment of the Real Talk, Real Mom series, and this month’s topic is all about co-parenting… the who does what around bringing up our littles. I am always so curious about this topic and am fascinated to hear about the daily interworkings of other families. I want to peek inside one of those super moms windows (that sounds creepy) that seem to pull things off without a helping hand from a husband/partner and see how they do it. READ MORE

style story: off the shoulder

 Summer is a coming and off-the-shoulder tops have reached the mass market, like reached and exploded all over it. You might remember when I bought this same top in blush last year for our Mexico trip, and while I was browsing around recently I came across it in this gorgeous shade of citrus/yellow/green and I just went ahead and got it again. I couldn’t help myself, I still love the structure of it and the silhouette (they also now have it in , , , and ).

spring pastels // off the shoulder top // ShescortsAnd how gorgeous is LA this time of year? I met up with , who is the talent behind these photos, in West Hollywood and you would never know this bougainvillea and cactus are just in some random alley we found on our way to a juice bar. Kind of a perfect compliment to the summery pastels.

Now for the serious talk…. Are you pro off-the-shoulder or anti?

Shop the look: // (I have to say I am obsessed with . They are so comfortable with just enough of a heel) // // Cuff old, // //

shop picks: Totokaelo

Curating my picks from a shop that is already so selective with their pieces feels a little like cheating, but I couldn’t help but share with you on the off chance you haven’t discovered the site on your own.  is a self proclaimed purveyor of beautifully designed and thoughtfully curated fashion and objects and they represent unique artists and designers that make every piece feel like one of a kind. The price point isn’t low here by any means, but even if most of it is out of your budget just browsing the shop is such a great source of inspiration by seeing the unusual forms and silhouettes that you just don’t find everywhere. It’s like visiting an art gallery that has only utilitarian pieces.

I am kind of dying over ! and , and …

LINKS: // // // // // // // // // // //

To see more of my SHOP PICKS check here.


lcdq legends event recap

If you follow me on snapchat (i’m @sarahssamuel there) you were able to get a good idea of how the events unfolded around , the annual design event in the La Cienega Design Quarter, a couple weeks ago but since snapchat isn’t forever and I still have a love hate relationship with it, I thought I’d share a few highlights from the design and party filled few days. I was thrilled to be asked to be an ambassador along with such a talented group of designers/writers/design bloggers… by my side was , , , , , , , and  .

The first night we had the opening Gala at the beautiful Fig & Olive, and I busted out . Formal pants!? Yes ma’am (and ).


DIY copper plant stands

My copper infatuation is still in full swing so when I was looking for plant stands for the studio and came up empty handed, I took matters into my own hands. Get the full DIY after the jump…




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