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sss x team woodnote prints

Hi guys, I have some exciting news! When designing the creative warehouse space known as LightLab I wanted to create some that reflected the founders, so I dove deep into ’s feed and picked out photographs from their travels. Once I had some images to work with, I began collaging them together and experimenting with shapes. These two prints are the results and now they are for your own home!


A-frame exterior plans + progress

Now that construction is starting to wrap up on the inside of our A-frame, we have turned our attention to the exterior! The front yard, the back yard, the patios and all that good stuff. And as you can see we ended up going ALL white for the outside. We did it bit by bit, painting another section then living with it for a bit, and painting another section and living with it, and then finally we knew we had to go all the way.


get the look: the now

If you find yourself in LA and looking for a moment of zen, is one of my favorite places to start. The minute I walk into one of their massage boutiques I feel instantly transported to some relaxing exotic locale. Tulum suddenly doesn’t feel so far away.


a new heart to love

We’ve got some exciting news over here… come November we will have a new baby in the Samuel house! And yes, I mean a real human squishy newborn baby… I’m pregnant!

I’ve been laying low a bit lately, not posting quite as much, because the nausea has had me laid out for months. Working from my bed sometimes has been the only option. I’m 18 weeks as of Tuesday though, and the last few days I have been given sweet relief. I also started to feel the tiny kicks this week which is incredible and starts to make everything feel so miraculously real.

The second time around everything definitely happens faster. The belly popped out sooner, and everything seems to  be running at lighting speed. When we found out we were expecting (in April) we could not wrap our heads around the fact that we would be having a baby before the end of the year. We feel so incredibly lucky to grow our family.

And this proud big brother (who sometimes thinks he has the baby in his own belly) is excited about having a little sibling, let’s pray the excitement lasts through the arrival. Wish us luck!

And thanks to of Max & Friends for these priceless photos (she also shot for our maternity photos and Archer’s newborn photos).

Dress  // Sandals  // Jumpsuit by // Archies // Archie’s

Bri’s Finished Patio Tour

I’m thrilled to be sharing a tour of the patio I designed for (aka ) today! If you missed the first post with the “before” images and our inspiration head HERE. Bri does a lot of traveling and I wanted to make her patio feel a bit like a boutique hotel while giving her a staycation space she wants to hang out and entertain in year round.

We had all the cushions custom made from the  and hung on the corner nook to give it a pool cabana feel. The anchor every other seating area creating repetition and focal points for multiple vignettes. I love having the mix of the delicate  mixed with the more solid .

We filled the space with plants and cacti, the more the merrier. Find the DIY post for the copper plant stand, in the corner, HERE. Hanging planters are from .

We also loaded up the space with pillows and more pillows. The pink ones we had made to match the cushions but you can find most of the other pillows , , , and . The , in the back area, unfortunately turned a lot darker after weathering a few storms but the shape is still beautiful. So, FYI, buyers beware, when it says store indoors during inclement weather, they mean it. The coffee table has since sold out but I love as well.

I pretty much want to head over to Bri’s every day now around happy hour. The patio is at it’s best in the early evening, she’s turning into quite . Bri… I’m up for adoption is all I’m saying.

(not planned btw) // // // // // // Pillows , , , and // (also on sale!) // // // Coffee Table () // // DIY Plant Stand

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