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Best of 2017

I’m taking a moment to look back at the year today and sharing my top 10 highlights of 2017!

1. Travel Stories: Amangiri
In January I shared about our trip to Amangiri, in Utah. It was one of my favorite and most inspiring vacations of all time, inspiring one of my bathroom renovations as well as some artwork that I turned into textile patterns.

Click here to see the full story and here to check out my other recent travel stories

2. Modernism Week: Christopher Kennedy Compound
In February I took part in the Modernism Week Show house in Palm Springs by the Christopher Kennedy Compound where I designed one of the guest rooms and got to use my for the first time.

(Click here to see the full story and all the sources)

3. DIY posts
DIY posts are always some of my favorites and when I made this wall hanging for our bedroom you guys loved it as well! A couple other DIY faves were the HEADBOARD I made in the A-frame and the CREDENZA I made in our studio.

(Click here to see the full story and all the sources)

4. Nursery & Master Bedroom Reveal: Max & Margaux WangerOne project I loved was the master bedroom/nursery makeover for Max & Margaux Wanger. They, similarly to what I just went through, have a small two bedroom house and had their second baby on the way so they hired me to help them utilize their master bedroom space to welcome their new babe.

(Click here to see the full story and all the sources.)

5. Trullbrook Residence: Kitchen RevealI have so much more to share on the Trullbrook Residence project in 2018 but I couldn’t wait share the kitchen.

(Click here to see the full story)

6. Bri Emery: Patio & Dining Room RevealThis year we revealed the patio design I did for Bri Emery of Design Love Fest. I shared my dreamy staycation inspiration HERE and the full reveal HERE.

(Click here to see the patio full story and all the sources)

Next I made my way into the house, started on her kitchen, and finished the dining room. I love how this dining space turned out.

(Click here to see the dining room full story and all the sources)

7. Sunset Magazine Cover Story!
This summer we finished the majority of the A-frame renovations (more reveals to come) and I furnished it just in time for a shoot with and we landed on the cover of the September issue!

Click here to see the before and after of the living room
Click here
to see the before and after of the outdoor space
Click here to see the before and after of the bathroom
Click here to see the before and after of the master bedroom
Click here to see the before and after of the guest bedroom

8. Oh Joy: Kitchen Reveal
Another fun project, and I mean capital F U N, was designing the We started with the kitchen first and I shared some of the before photos and preliminary designs here and then finally the full reveal here.

(Click here to see the full story and all the sources)

9. Product Collaborations
sss x semihandmade

sss x park studio

sss x lulu & georgia

sss x cedar & moss

sss x tribe alive for causebox

sss x wkndla

This year I’ve gotten to get back into one of my my number one passions of product and surface design and teamed up with some great people to bring my designs to life.

Click here to see my cabinet door collaboration with Semihandmade
Click here to see my hardware collaboration with Park Studio
Click here to see my wallpaper collaboration with Lulu & Georgia
Click here to see my lighting collaboration with Cedar & Moss
click here to see my tribe alive collaboration for Causebox
Click here to see my collaboration with WKNDLA

10. The Moore Residence
In February I introduced you to my mid-century dream house project for  (seriously as I’ve been designing I am living vicariously through Mandy pretending the stunner home is going to be my own). We’ve been working on it all year and construction is wrapping up so stay tuned for loads more progress posts and the full reveal to come soon!

Check here for the before tour
Check here for all the design/progress posts so far

AND last but certainly not least… I haven’t posted on the blog about her yet but I couldn’t go without sharing the best thing I did this year and that is bringing our sweet Clover James into the world.

This girl has won over our hearts and stolen all our sleep, but she completely makes up for it with her cuteness factor.

Click here to see her nursery reveal (but don’t get too attached, I already switched it up a bit. ha photos soon).

And with that I will say Happy New Year to you and I will see you in 2018 which is already shaping up for some great projects that I can’t wait to share. xo

SSS x Tribe Alive for CAUSEBOX

I’m thrilled to share another product collaboration that has just come to fruition! You may remember from my own line when I used to carry table runners in the patterns I created for my napkins and tea towels. I haven’t had them in the shop for a while now so I was thrilled when ed me to design one for their involvement in this winter’s !

If you aren’t familiar with , they are a subscription based company where every season they curate a collection of products that gives back and makes the world better. Their curations include everything from homewares and accessories to skincare and jewelry.

is a brand that partners with woman all over the world, in this case India, to employ impoverished women at fair-trade wages empowering them to raise themselves out of poverty. Their studios create safe work environments, dependable income, and the power to determine their own future. Their clothing and accessories are also well designed and right in line with my personal aesthetic (like, ?). So, I couldn’t be happier to lend my design hands to these two companies.

In honor of the collaboration, dropped by my studio to get a glimpse at my design process and to see the final SSS x Tribe Alive block printed table runner. When designing, I usually start out with some hand drawn sketches to get some ideas flowing and then I take it to the computer to explore shapes and patterns further. For this collaboration I came up with a couple different designs and after narrowing down colors and options, we finally landed on the one you see here!

I was able to use it this year for our thanksgiving table which I failed to get many photos of because I did have a week old newborn at the time, but it also works great as a wall hanging when you aren’t entertaining. I simple used a wooden dowel, folded the runner over the dowel and tied yarn to each end and done!

Find out more about the winter

Photos by Michael Newsted

Mandy Moore Laundry Room Design

I’ve got another peek into Mandy Moore’s house with her Laundry Room design today. And let me tell you this isn’t your average laundry space. This room opens right up into the kitchen so we wanted to make sure it was just as gorgeous as the rest of the house. And boy did we have our work cut out for us, so we teamed up with to make some laundry room magic. Here is a peek at the before.
As you can see the space is limited and the style doesn’t match Mandy’s OR the modern house at all. There is some awkward ducting that creates some odd ceiling lines and the old machines are sticking out right into the space. So here is the plan and already some good progress…
First, we wanted to extend the footprint of the room and make it a little larger so we borrowed some space from the HUGE pantry next door and moved the right wall back. Second, we are rearranging the fixtures so the new   and will be set against the back wall facing out instead of on the right wall and the sink will now be where the old machines were, creating a much better flow. We will then be building out some custom cabinetry around the machines (oh and you can see we already re-worked the ducting so goodbye funky ceiling lines). While we are going with gold toned hardware in most of the house we are mixing it up in here with matte black for a modern touch that matches the appliances.
The flooring will be the same custom terrazzo poured flooring that we have going throughout the entire house (you might have caught me going terrazzo crazy on my story, but if not, no worries I will do a summary post because I receive a bazillion and one questions about it). On this side of the room the custom cabinetry will continue but above the sink we plan to install two poles for items that need to hang dry, also matte black, and beneath some floating base cabinets we left space to accommodate the kitty litter.
And last but certainly not least, this stunning will set the stage for the dreamiest of laundry rooms.

// // // //  (shown in brass because we don’t have images of the black yet but it will be available soon!) // // // // // // White Quartz Countertop // // Terrazzo Flooring


I’m thrilled to add another exclusive SSS collaboration to my shop, just in time for the holidays, and even more excited that it is with local LA artist Cindy Zell of . We worked together to create two wall hangings using the materials she incorporates into her work on a regular basis and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Natural fibers, wood, and brass = all the yeses.

I first came across when a friend gifted me one of her pieces, and then I continued to see her work around town at some of my favorite spaces… and then finally again in the . In addition to creating small scale home decor pieces she also makes (aka, necklaces, earrings, pins) as well as like the one I am obsessed with at Parachute (below).

Parachute Hotel Photos by

Cindy left her job as senior display coordinator at Anthropolgie in 2015 to put her immense talent into her own line and it has been so wonderful to watch her work evolve over the last couple years.  Her sculptural pieces explore gravity’s influence on form and all her work is inspired by elemental forms, shapes, and colors collected from the work of pioneering artists, design movements, architecture, and nature. The result is a stunning body of work that is clean, modern, and geometric, making it a perfect fit for an SSS collaboration.

We created two sizes, one with ivory tassels and one with blush. Both incorporate walnut wooden beads and brass tubing that is hand cut, bent, soldered & polished. The ivory wall hanging also features a half moon made of spalted maple. Purchase the limited edition wall hangings in the shop now!

Ivory Wall Hanging // Blush Wall Hanging

To read more about all of our SSS collaborations check here.



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