How to Style and Care For a White Sofa with Electrolux

Many of you, including myself, thought I might be crazy getting a white sofa with two dogs and a toddler boy in the house. However I couldn’t get over my want for a sofa in the colorless hue. I could probably try and blame and every gorgeous living room I’ve ever seen with a white sofa, but there was no talking me out of it. Today I am sharing how to style one 3 different ways and how I care for mine with to keep the white, white!

For the first look (above) I went white on white on white on white and I don’t think I could love it more. When going SO neutral it is important to bring in different textures and layer different materials so it doesn’t go to stark. The warmth of the natural jute and wood bring warmth to the space and all the varied textures bring dimension, giving it a rich feeling, even in the absence of color.

Sources: // // Rattan Chair is Vintage Franco Albini // Coffee Table by Shescorts Sherman Samuel // // // // // //

For the second look, I brought in the stark contrast of black and white which creates a slightly more masculine and a lot more graphic vibe. The wood tones are still working hard and doing their job to warm the space up around the white sofa and the pattern mixing gives it an artful makeover.

Sources:  // // Rug 2 – vintage (ebay) //Rattan Chair is Vintage Franco Albini // Coffee Table by Shescorts Sherman Samuel // Side Tables are vintage // //  // // // 

And finally for the third look… I gave the sofa a modern boho style with a shibori pillow, vintage rug, and macrame cushion. By layering a lot of pillows the sofa feels more casual and lived in. The layered rugs also help to cozy up the space and the globe lamp and geometric accessories are keeping it modern and a little unexpected.

Sources:  // // // Rattan Chair is Vintage Franco Albini // Coffee Table by Shescorts Sherman Samuel // // // Gold Trays (old, ) // // Macrame Pillow (old, ) // // Cement Pyramid (old, )

Now when it comes to caring for this sofa, we have our work cut out for us with the clan I mentioned at the beginning. The property around our A-frame is all desert sand/dirt so you know those dogs have already piled onto the sofa and tracked some of that dirt onto its’ cushions. The good news is has our back and I just have to zip off the cushion covers and throw them in the wash.

Our has a great feature called SmartBoost which means it premixes water and detergent before the cycle begins which I love because I always heard you are supposed to let the soap and water mix first and then add clothes because it maximizes the power of the detergent but I NEVER have remembered to and now I don’t have to. It is all built-in!

The cushion covers go in dirty and come back out nice and white! I haven’t had to deal with any tough stains yet but for the dirt I wash them on the normal setting with the Perfect Steam option selected. One thing I worried about with washing the cushions so much is the wear and tear it would take on the fabric but has so many features to care for the fabric, like in , there are moisture sensors that detect when the fabric is dry to prevent over-drying. I’ve been drying them on the delicate setting just to be safe.

White sofas are endlessly versatile and I almost couldn’t decide which look was my fave, but the white on white in the first image takes the cake for me. I just can’t seem to get over going monochromatic. A white sofa can be notoriously hard to keep looking new but since I’ve been caring for mine its been so far so good on the white sofa decision (knock on wood)!

Images by Shescorts Sherman Samuel

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