A-Frame Full Tour + Announcement!

Last year we finished the work on our desert A-frame and earlier this week I shared the last room makeover but today we have some exciting and somewhat bitter sweet news that I wanted to accompany with a full tour, so you can see everything in one post, and to bring this renovation chapter to a close. Because… we are putting it up FOR SALE! Or rather it is currently on the market as of this week!!

When we first bought the property I immediately fell in love with the spot, and even thought the house needed A LOT of work, there was great potential. We had been vacationing in Palm Springs so much wanted to buy a place that was an escape from the city and after searching a million and one listings we came across this one and our realtor took us to see it in person. It was the only house we had to look at, it was perfect. It’s about 10 minutes outside of downtown Palm Springs so we got all the space we wanted and more. Almost 3/4 of an acre to be exact and it’s tucked up at the base of the mountains in a little village of 39 other interesting homes so it feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere and yet you’re only about 10 minutes away from a “” at .

Why are we selling it?! Back then we only had Archie and had absolutely no plans for a second child. We had our small house in the city and our getaway house in the desert for some r&r and space on the weekends. But surprise(!) we have a new baby girl in our lives and our pretty tiny 2 bedroom LA home started feeling a whole lot smaller, especially with our family room to nursery conversion. So, we want to make a move and instead of having two small houses, get one larger one that we can live in and enjoy every day. Which means first things first is saying goodbye to our beloved desert oasis.

Fixing it up was of course kind of my favorite part and once we teamed up with the right construction crew, , it was so rewarding to see my designs coming to life like the concrete built in tub, and the that goes all the way up to the tippy top of the a frame peek in the kitchen (the poor tile guy is scared of heights and was shaking in his boots but still managed to do an amazing job). Of course there was also expenditures we didn’t plan on like having to get a whole new roof and a whole new septic system but at least we can pass that on to the new owners.

So now onto the tour… my favorite space in the house is hands down the living room. It’s the large open lounge comfy room of my dreams and is definitely something I want to replicate in our next home. I layered rugs to add some warmth, placed a just under the windows, and centered the seating around the stone fireplace.

Sources:  // // Top Rug found on ebay // Vintage Rattan Albini Chair sourced from // Coffee Table by Shescorts Sherman Samuel // // Nesting Tables are vintage // // // // // // // // // // // Paint Color is Polar Bear by Behr

Just off the living room is a den which we (and the previous owners) used as a second bedroom. We put up the wood paneling and created a diy headboard for a cozy sleeping nook.

Sources: // // // // // (for DIY headboard) // Paint color is Polar Bear by Behr

Back around to the other side of the living room is the kitchen and dining area. This was where we had to do a major overhaul. We took down some half walls, gutted the entire space and built a new kitchen using ikea cabinets with doors and drawer fronts, handmade tile, a custom floating shelve, a refrigerator and .

Just above the kitchen is a reading nook/sleeping loft where you can cuddle up and get a good view of the mountains beyond.

Sources:  //  //  //  //  //  //  //  // F // Paint color is “Polar Bear” by Behr on walls and “Chard” on cabinets // Wood Cutting/Serving boards by Shescorts Sherman Samuel // // //

Through the double doors is the bathroom where we also had to do a full renovation and thanks to it’s a spa worthy loo. We installed a which is a sound therapy bath that has built in hidden speakers above and below the water level. It comes programmed with spa music and sounds but it’s also blue tooth enabled so you can play anything you want from your phone. Handmade also lines the bathroom walls (these are the 6” hexagons in calcite), and a custom vanity is topped off by and more

The toilet is also a spa splurge as it is toilet that has more features than my car. Heated seat, built in bidet, tankless design etc etc.

Sources:  // // // // // // // // // //

Through the bathroom is the back section of the house where the master bedroom, a bonus room (which is where we have Archie sleep when we are there) and the laundry room is.

The master bedroom got new flooring and a lot of paint. This space opens up to a deck and has such a pretty view of the mountains beyond. We brought in the that I’ve always wanted in here and decorated it sparingly for a calming spot to rest.

Sources:  //  // Lumbar pillow is a DIY (see post here) // // // // Curtains from Ikea // // Cactus prints (by me, one day I will get my prints in the shop) // Pendant light (can’t find exact but similar and )

The laundry room has our new Electrolux and and loads of storage with a large closet.

Sources:  and by Electrolux // // Ladder is a DIY (see how to make on here) // // Hat is vintage // Baskets are a DIY // Wallpaper is custom by Shescorts Sherman Samuel // Cabinets are from //  // shelf brackets from Ikea

And finally the best part about the place is all the outdoor space…. We made a dining area in the front, the lounge area with off the living room, and off the bedroom as well as a we painted and use as a plunge pool. There’s mature eucalyptus and olive trees and loads of fruit trees. There’s even an outdoor shower that empties into . Previously there was a koi pond which wasn’t working so we filled it in and added more cactus and plants to have it blend with the rest of the garden.

Sources: Front Dining Area: // // // Side Chairs from Target (no longer available

Fire Pit and Bedroom Patio Area:  // // //

Main Patio Area: // // // Coffee Table DIY // // // Side Table from Ikea // // //

Pool Area: // Outdoor Chairs from HD Buttercup ()

The other thing we loved about the outdoor space is that you can go for hikes right from outside the door. Just past the driveway is a trail that leads up to a waterfall and you can also access the Pacific Crest hiking trail from the property. You know the one , I mean Cheryl Strayed took in .

We sure will miss this place but I wanted to post it here first in hopes that it will go to someone that appreciates it as much as we do. The buyer will also have the option of purchasing some or all of the furniture after closing! If you’re interested in buying our A-frame please email us at rupeandsarah (at) gmail . com and we will pass over the info for our realtor!

To see all the posts on the a-frame, including the full before tour check here.


  • The person/family that buys that sweet little place will be so lucky!

  • Stephanie

    Oh Shescorts! I had high hopes you would be renting it out, but I definitely understand needing more space with the family growth. Are you able to share about the bathroom vanity? Was that something you custom built yourself or had built?

    • Ha I know! We were going to but I need a bigger house like now! 😂 the vanity i designed and had custom made by our contractor.

  • You really know how to transform a space and you have done such beautiful work here. It’s too bad that you can’t continue to enjoy the fruit of your labor but I completely understand the logic of your house plans. And, bonus for all of your fans (me, included) is that we get to see you redo your future new house!

  • Wow too bad we just bought a house- this is a dream place! Though this did give me the inspiration to paint our wood paneled ceiling white!

  • Michelle Evans

    I knew you would be flipping this small house!

    • Haha. We’ve had it over three years so not really a flip. We bought it intending to keep it forever!

  • Everything you do turns out so lovely! Where is the side table with the black candle holder from? And maybe that black candle holder- love that combo!

  • Michelle Evans

    I knew you would be flipping this small house!!

  • do you have a link to the listing you would be willing to share?
    this is such a magical home!

    • Hi we are keeping the listing private for the future buyers sake and asking only people interested in purchasing it to email for the info.

  • I’m going to miss the A-frame and our house! So those baskets are a DYI? They’re perfect!

  • Jaw dropping!!! This is a dream space! I’ve never been to Palm Springs but am planning a trip there this spring with my mom. Perhaps I should just invest in your space sight unseen and just move there instead!!

  • Carrie Purcell

    So, I love your bathroom vanity and was wondering what wood did you use? Is it a wood veneer or is it some kind of plywood?


  • jane s schneider

    Dream house! Love everything. What are you asking for house ?

  • I love the black wire/mesh chair off of the living room. Where is it from?

  • Everything about this is amazing! I’m curious as to how you care for the pool? My fiancé and I are designing and building a house and we would love to add a pool but we are limited with outdoor space and it looks like that could be a perfect solution. Do you know how the materials would handle all 4 seasons?

  • Do you have a link to the listing? It’s incredible!

    • Hi we are keeping the listing private for the future buyers sake and asking only people interested in purchasing it to email for the info.

  • Christa Sansing

    Where do we email for purchasing information?

  • Natasha B

    Wow what a beautiful home! In love with every detail.

  • Amazing space. But I might be even more excited about seeing you do a bigger house! Just, cause there’ll be more to see ;-)

  • Oh my goodness it’s just heavenly!! I will definitely be emailing you about purchasing! It’s so absolutely gorgeous :)

  • Toni Belladitto

    Love Whitewater CA homes.

  • Beautiful home! Could you share the source for the towels in the bathroom photo? I am trying to find something similar that doesn’t look sloopy/frumpy on towel hooks. Thanks!

  • Hi Shescorts – Congratulations on your beautiful labor of love. Did you use Polar Bear paint color for the exterior too? Did you look at any other whites? We have a similar renovation for our new home, and I was so happy to see painted stone that turned out so well! We were thinking of Benjamin Moore White Dove or Swiss Coffee, but after seeing your post, I am reconsidering. Any tips for priming stone too? I know you get loads of questions, but any insight you have is greatly appreciated!

  • Rebecca Neustel

    I remember thinking this place was my dream house, but, sadly, I live in Pennsylvania. I can only imagine someone wanting to purchase this fully furnished. Everything in it is just perfect!!

  • Hi! I am from LA AND am part of a family of 3 (with a 6 year old son) and are thinking about purchasing a vacation home in the area. Could you tell me how many bedrooms and sq footage? What is the current asking price?



  • I wish you still had that coffee table for sale! It’s amazing. If you ever update the shop to sell furniture, we’d buy that thing in a second.

    • Thanks so much Carina! I’m hoping to have furniture sometime in the future, so keep a look out on the blog!

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  • The afters of your A-frame are stunning! What type of plywood did you use for the bathroom vanity and what did you use to finish it? We are going to attempt plywood kitchen counter tops and I love this look! Thank you!

    • Hello Anna,
      I used a birch plywood, but would definitely suggest going to a local lumber yard to choose an option that best fits your space. I finished it with a matte polyurethane. Regular polyurethane tends to have a lot of shine, which I wanted to avoid. Also if you’re planning on using wood counter tops for the kitchen, I would definitely suggest layering up on polyurethane.

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