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a frame living - beforeThe first room we are going to tackle in project A-frame is the living room, because… windows! You can’t beat those windows, they make this space the heart of the A-frame. I want to make this the room that we want to hang out in all. day. long.

I forgot to take a photo last trip but all we have done is torn out the carpet, so it looks like this… but with no carpet. ha. We can call this the “empty before”. There will be some painting, new flooring, and replacing of the yellow plastic window before we get to the furniture, but in the meantime… I got started on the design process and it feels so good.

a-frame-living4Since this is a second home, I want it to feel like we are on vacation, I want the space to be lounge-ey and comfortable and weigh even heavier on the boho side than my usual California modern/boho style, but as always include a mix of styles that create that yummy collected feel.

When I start on any interior project, I often go at it as if money were no object. This allows me to design the space (at least the virtual design board space) with no limitations, exhaust all possibilities and nail the look and feel that I am going for. I should probably specify that when I do this for a client I DO NOT share this utopia board with them unless they actually do not have a budget. This is just a step I take as part of the process. Once I get the furniture layout, the overall vibe and the ideal selects, I get to work on finding affordable alternatives and pick and choose which items to splurge on and where to save.

So above you’ll find my first round of “ideal” furniture selects for the space and an idea of the layout I am planning for the room. There are some pieces that I have actually decided on, and others that cost $62,000. bahaha!

For a living room, I usually like to start the design with the sofa and rug pairing. One or the other comes first. In this case I knew I wanted a very comfortable, large, ivory colored sofa and turned to Arhaus for their customization ability and the quality. Guaranteed, you think I am crazy for getting a white sofa with a little boy in the house and you are probably right, BUT it is a second home so it won’t be getting everyday use, and we did have white sofas in the last cabin that I never regretted so there’s hope. I may just have to get cozy with some professional sofa cleaners but we will see! It does come in a bunch of other colors but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Anyway, you may not be able to tell from the photos but the living room is actually quite long. Like 19’ long and I wanted a big ole sofa centered in the space so I went with Arhaus’ 108” Remington sofa, which also has a super deep seat, I got the 40” one but it comes standard at 46”(!) which is what drew me into that sofa in the first place. A deep seat and cushions that are wrapped in down mean hello comfy cozy. I was also able to specify between two large cushions or three, and I chose the two for a more modern feel. I also customized the legs to be a lighter wood finish than you see above.

With the white sofa in mind (and getting made as we speak), my first instinct was to go with another beautiful Persian rug, like our bedroom, archie’s room, our living room, and almost every other room, because they are just so good, but where is the fun in that? (ok, it still would be fun and it was hard not putting one in there but like I said, I wanted to differentiate this a little bit from my usual). Also, with the stone wall that is just A LOT going on. See…

sofa-rug-pairing2So instead I went with a vintage Turkish Kilim I found in a beautiful charcoal and white striped pattern.

sofa-rug-pairingWith those two items being the only two I have ‘for really real’ decided on, I made the rest of the selects (that most likely won’t be my final selects). Those green sling chairs are giving me all the feels, but at $7000, I will be finding an alternative.

Wish me luck!

Sources: Remington Sofa by Arhaus // Rug Vintage // Chandelier by Jonathan Adler // Credenza by Organic Modernism // Console/desk from DWR // Rattan Chair Vintage // Walnut Slab Coffee Table (cough cough) // Green Safari Chairs // Brass Side Table by Jonathan Adler // Sheepskin Rug // Moroccan Floor Pillows (for inspiration) // DIY Planter // Case Study Planter by Modernica 

This post was in collaboration with Arhuas, all thoughts and ideas are my own. 

  • Love the mood board and can’t wait to see what you do. BTW – cb2 has similar chairs in a brown leather. They might not be green but the price tag is a lot better!


  • Whitney Shortt

    Those windows are great and love hearing about your design process!

  • Love the vibe! Have you already purchased your sofa? If not, have you considered a fitted slipcover version? I just purchased one from Clad Home (made in LA) with an extra set of slipcovers. With 2 kids and a furry dog I know I’ll need to soak them and the extra set will come in handy. My sofa is very similar in style but in a sectional config. I can email you a pic if you’d like to see it.

  • The A frame rocks and will rock big time once you get done with it.
    Love the idea of the green in the chairs so hopefully you can find a way to make that happen style-wise and colour- wise. Regardless, it will be a chill, vacay vibe I’m sure. It must be fun to have the vacay aspect of it provide some crazy freedom within this process.
    Jealous that you get to do this and super excited for the details of the process!

  • I have 2 boys, ages 4 and 1. And a dog. We have a beautiful Room and Board sofa in the palest grey (most people call it white) that we bought pre-kids. It’s held up great. I don’t think you will regret the ivory.

    Loving everything as usual.

  • Close but not the green: https://www.etsy.com/listing/174054237/danish-mid-century-modern-rosewood

  • It’s not Nakashima, but Room & Board has great live-edged cocktail tables and you can pick the specific slab you get.


  • LOVE this room and your design board for it. Good call on the rug choice, much better with the stone wall. xx!

  • Looks great! These ‘Smith’ chairs are from Australia and not khaki but they’re stunning nonetheless and affordable http://barnabylane.com.au/collections/armchairs

  • Wilson Lighting

    LOVE your mood board, and the final pick for the rug! We have some tables and chests you might like (and of course lighting ;)) Feel free to browse through our site!

  • Jennifer Naraki

    I have a walnut slab at home waiting to be turned into a coffee table once we actually have a living room. And not a room that we all live in, because the rest of the house is getting done. My husband can totally make that for you. He has made a dining table similar. (I’ll tag you on Insta on the shot of the table) You just go pick out your walnut slab at a local wood shop and he works his magic. Email me if you are interested. Can’t wait to see this space come together.

    • Hi Jennifer! Haha oh boy do I not miss the living in one room while the rest of the house is under construction. God speed girl, God speed. Ha and thank you for the coffee table offer! My plan is to make one myself, Once I find the right slab. x

  • Mary Duffy

    Hi Shescorts,
    I love following along on your redesigns–. I know I’m going to want an a frame when you’re finished! Can I ask how you pulled the images together to create your inspiration board? Thank you.

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