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a sunny afternoon picnic // smitten studioa sunny afternoon picnic // smitten studioa sunny afternoon picnic // smitten studio We got our first bit of press yesterday over on Did you guys see? Here are a few additional photos from the picnic and there’s even more in the .

This was the real maiden voyage with our and it turned out so great. We packed up our spread in the cabin, walked down to the then empty beach and found a perfect spot to spread out. We broke bread with Caroline & Jayden of while they captured it all.

I have always loved everything about a picnic… they have a way of slowing things down, you get to enjoy the scenery, I’m pretty sure food just tastes better outside, it gives you an excuse to eat with your hands and no one cares if you fall asleep at the “table”.

Last year, I was shopping for a new picnic basket and I came up empty while looking for one that would match my style, so I set out to design one that would. I started developing a few prototypes and finally narrowed in on you see today. The leather handles against the dark stained wood, along with the black & white patterned interior lining are the modern updates (with a little fashion influence) to the traditional basket that I was looking for. I hope you love as much as I do and find yourself making more excuses to enjoy the sunshine, pull up a blanket, and eat outside. :)

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