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I’ve been working with a beautiful apothecary company on a few projects lately and meanwhile completely fell in love with the brand. Founded by make-up artist Rosie Jane Johnston, is a local LA based company whose products are handcrafted in small batch runs and made using natural and organic ingredients. From the gorgeous packaging to the product itself, everything is clean and simple and made to easily fit into your everyday life. They just launched and along with it, a new extension of their brand… the where you can find a hand picked selection of limited edition products and By Rosie Jane collaborations.

One of the first pieces that is sold exclusively in the is the . When Rosie described it to me, before I even saw it, I knew I had to have it. I’ve been on a half moon/semi circle kick lately and the little clutch is the perfect size for, well, just the essentials. I have also been frequently debunking the outdated “no white after labor day” rule by going with all white everything… topped off with a little cheetah print of course (cheetah was one of Archer’s first words btw, just about the cutest thing how he pronounced it with quite the enunciation… CHee-TAH).

Along with the clutch, you can find the return of a holiday favorite from last year, their . I love these because once the wax is melted away you have a set of beautiful tumbler glasses.

And a first of many product collaborations in the Marketplace is this where the bowl was handcrafted by Romy Northover and hand filled by BRJ.

In their about page they describe what they make as “creating products that are essential and easily incorporated into your everyday life” and I’ve found they hit the nail on the head with that. Every piece I’ve collected has seamlessly made their way into my every day.

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// // //  // // (CHee-TAHH) // Rings by L. Frank

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