baby bump love fest! aka maternity photos

I hope you guys are prepared for a whole lotta baby bump because I had the hardest time narrowing down options from such a unique batch of images that sent over from our shoot together. When I was introduced to , I instantly fell in love with their style and knew it would be a perfect match with mine, so I couldn’t wait to see what we could cook up together. When they came to our house to shoot they also couldn’t have been any sweeter to work with so it was a major win all around. I couldn’t think of a better way to document our little growing family.

maternity photos // Shescorts // max and friendsmaternity photos // Shescorts // max and friendsWhen I first thought of getting professional maternity photos taken, I had talked to some friends and across the board, the ones that didn’t, regretted it, and the ones that did were so happy they had. So if you are on the fence at all, I say do it! Growing a baby is a beautiful, terrifying, and crazy business that goes by so fast and we will surely cherish these captured moments.

More photos and pregnancy talk after the jump!

maternity photos // Shescorts // max and friendsmaternity photos // Shescorts // max and friendsmaternity photos // Shescorts // max and friendsmaternity photos // Shescorts // max and friendsmaternity photos // Shescorts // max and friendsPeople have asked me if I think I will miss being pregnant and my answer was heck no! I know, I have heard some ladies gush about loving being pregnant (I also kind of want to slap those ladies and make them tell me all their secrets ;) ) but I am not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, it is an amazing miracle and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to be pregnant but the process is tough, I won’t lie. One beautiful thing is that I now see my body in a different light, I see it doing something it is made to do, even if I never knew if it would, and I definitely feel more comfortable in my own skin while pregnant. I know that looking back on these photos I will do so with so much love and the thing I will remember the most will be those magic fleeting moments of excitement and wonder, when everything felt just right… and then, maybe then, I’ll miss it.

Images by  of Max and Friends

and if you can’t get enough there are even MORE photos over on !

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  • These are absolutely stunning! You look amazing. I love the beach shots.

    I am also one of those women that will not miss being pregnant. Every symptom and possible side-effect has happened to me! Bringing a new life into the world is a miracle and I’m glad I got to experience it but get this babe out of me! :)

  • Stunning photos… you look beautiful. Absolutely love and appreciate your honesty.

  • Simply gorgeous…you and the photos! I looked like a two ton tessy while pregnant so I didn’t feel the slight inclination to have photos taken. ;)

  • Oh my goodness, I could not love these more! Your photographers did a fantastic job, these are gorgeous keepsakes you’ll be so glad you have. Love!

  • Beautiful images! I just had my first baby (a boy!) in November and felt the same way you do about pregnancy. But my gosh, the moment you meet your little man will worth all the aches, pains and weight gain! Congratulations to you! Enjoy this special time! Nothing like it!

  • You are stunning. STUNNING! everything about these photos is pure perfection. thank you for sharing, really! You’ll be so weapy every time you look back on these photos after the baby comes. I wish I had taken some, i felt like a whale and refused photos even in the hospital and even now I regret it.

  • Everything I’ve ever seen of you or by you is amazing- I love your style and always love your photos! – but these are the MOST beautiful maternity/family photos EVER! You are so gorgeous and when I see Rupert’s love and happiness shining through It just makes my heart swell! I am so extremely excited for you all. :) Well done everyone!

  • Congratulations! These photos are absolutely beautiful! You look so happy and excited – thanks for sharing them with us!

  • Haha my thoughts exactly Kerry! :)

  • Haha dana, that’s where hiring the pros come in, they can make any two ton tessy extra gorgeous. Also I’m sure you were beautiful but I couldn’t help but repeat two ton tessy. Hilarious.

  • Thanks Jill! Congrats to you too on your new little!

  • Awe thank you Brittany!! You are so sweet and maybe photos next time around? ;)

  • Oh my tear jerker jessica! Thank you so much for your super sweet words, I’m a pretty lucky lady to have Rupe by my side. x

  • Gorgeous pictures! Makes me sad I didn’t have a professional shoot while I was pregant. Maybe I can convince my husband we should go for baby nr.3 :-)

  • I totally hated being pregnant and then, after Emma was born, I did miss it. It’s weird. It’s so uncomfortable and challenging, but then once they’re born, you feel oddly lonely or empty & kinda realize it was cool having a little buddy with you at all times…. :) GORGEOUS photos!! You look amazing and I cannot wait to see your little guy! xo

  • Just gorgeous!!!!!! The most beautiful images….wow!

    Jahaila @ Girl Nesting

  • AW, this is so adorable and full of love! The first photos with the white lace are so beautiful…

    Love, Maria

  • Awww you are so beautiful! I think I love the ones with your husband the most, you are so cute together!

    I didn’t really like being pregnant either, but after I while I started to miss it. I only have one child, and that ship has sailed for me, but I would so have liked to be pregnant one more time so I could savour it more. Hope you get the chance!
    XXX, G.

  • Such beautiful pictures! You look stunning! x

  • In perfect sync with the allure of your website the photograph and you are gorgeous,. Keep savoring every moment of the sweetest anticipation on Earth!

  • wow, these are beautiful! i’m getting into maternity photography myself these days, since it’s less seasonal than my usual wedding photography, and these are just inspiring. thank you for sharing!

  • Gorgeous! And who’s b&w photo is that above your bed?!? I want it!! Beautiful!!!

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  • OMGosh these are soooo, so amazing! Just beautiful!

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