bedroom sharing with boys

Eww! Kidding, it’s pretty OK with my two. I’m sharing a peek back into how our bedroom shaped up after baby’s arrival and how some more squeaked its way in there, giving the room a little re-fresh avec  and their new line, .

The design process around our house usually goes like this… I go in search of a piece, find a few options I like, and then ask Rupert which one he likes best. Most of the time he picks my favorite one, I am then reassured we were meant to be, and the times he doesn’t I just explain why my one is so much better. Luckily this time around we both chose the same . I liked it because it reminded me of men’s shirting and the bedroom could use a touch of masculinity now that I am outnumbered in the house and Rupe liked it for the color and the little red zig zag trim.

Another thing we had no qualms over was that Archie hasn’t slept in it for months now, because somehow, little me grew a HUGE baby, but I can’t seem to put it away just yet, and what type of blogger would I be if I didn’t at least take photos of it in the space and properly document such a fleeting moment in time.

// // Pom Pom Blanket (unknown) //  // Curtains DIY dyed, from Ikea // //  //   //  // Pendant Lamp from a vintage shop, find new:  // Bed from West Elm (I re-upholstered it, DIY here) //

To see the progress of our bedroom renovation take a look here.

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