Color Stories: Cerulean & Ochre

I don’t have a ton of color in my wardrobe but right now I have basically two dresses that I live in. One dress (as seen in this post and this post) is ochre and the other by is the prettiest shade of blue. I’ve been loving those colors lately in all facets, so I thought it was the perfect combo for another color story…

Image 1 by Milton H. Greene // Image 2 by // Image 3 by

Below are a few of my favorite picks to get these gorgeous hue’s into your life.

They are pretty perfect colors for summer too as together they call up clear waters and sandy beaches. Plus the words themselves have a really nice ring to them… Cerulean and Ochre… sounds like some celebrity baby names that I could probably get behind.

Cerulean:  |  |  |  |  | |  |  | 

Ochre: | |  | | | | |  | 

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