color stories: peach & navy

If you’ve been following my blog for long enough, you know that I gravitate towards any shade in the family of pink, and peach, of course, falls into that category. I particularly love a good light peachy pink (not too orange) because it pairs so well if you’re into creating more of a contrast with a darker color. In this case, let’s oggle over this perfect color pair: peach & navy. I find that this particular color combination is so dynamic and clean. Case in point, this cafe in Australia showcases it so well!

Image 1& 2 of designed by , photographed by  // Painting by , her art DIY

The interior space at Moby is everything! Australia has all the good things. I’ll just have to dream I was there to see the space in person. In the meantime I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces in the two hues for you and your home so you can mix and match to introduce this color combo into your life and pretend you’re also in Australia…






Peach:  |  |  | | | | | |

Navy: | | | |  | | | |

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