DIY garment rack

diy garment rack - smitten studioWe have a serious shortage of closet space around here and in the new house it is going to be even less, so I made myself a garment rack that I wouldn’t be ashamed to have out on display. Now my favorite items won’t get lost in the wardrobe abyss. Here are the supplies needed if you want to try this out for yourself.


1: 1/2″ Steel conduit pipe. (if you buy it from a hardware store like Ace or Do it Best, they will cut them down to the size you’d like and also thread them for you)
2: Flat black spray paint
3. 2 floor flanges
4. 2 elbow joints
5. 24 wood screws
6. 4 casters (only 2 shown)
7. wood base (I used an old armoire drawer front but most any wood would work. Mine was approx. 42″ x 14″)

garment rack DIY // Smitten StudioThen all you need is to put it all together. I started with spray painting all the pipe & joints black. Then I screwed the casters into the base. Next up was screwing down the floor flanges to the top of the base, inserting the two pipes and the elbow joints, and finally the middle pipe. Ta-da!

Images by Shescorts Sherman Samuel

  • Rachelle

    I wish I could do that because I really need extra storage.

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  • Great idea for a small space! My house is really old and thus has very little closet space too.


  • ana {bluebirdkisses}

    this is great! i need something like this for our house, since its so old and there are virtually no closets. Everything I’d been looking to buy is just not sturdy enough, nor very pretty to look at, so this is perfect. I’m going to make the husband get on it asap. Thanks for sharing!

  • This | is | awesome !!!

    I have three chrome rolling racks (VERY short on closet space as well in my tiny apt) and seeing this made me go, ‘COOL!! I want to make one! …. wait…’ :P

    You’re so creative and handy and this looks beautiful and seems fairly inexpensive too! I love the last GIF pic, adding the bag at the end was a great touch and that yellow dress you’ve worn before, SWOON.


  • cute!
    kw ladies in navy

  • This is SO cute.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget


    Very cool! And seem simple enough!

  • Katelyn Calautti

    This is great, Shescorts! My boyfriend and I just moved into a little cottage about a month ago and our first project was a DIY towel rack made of conduit pipe, floor flanges, and elbow joints for our bathroom – it’s such a great industrial yet modern look yet.

  • Katy @ All Sorts of Pretty

    Shescorts, that gif at the end is so awesome! The whole project is genius really, but that gif, man. Nice job! :)

  • Kristen

    This is so good and looks totally doable!

  • Love this fun .gif! And I have to admit I might need to invest in a clothing rack. It really looks cute! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • Love this project Shescorts! It would also be cool when out of town guests come to stay to hang their clothes on. It’s like a portable closet! Very cool! :)

  • Jade Sheldon-Burnsed

    LOVE. Seriously, this is so perfect…

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  • Cristin Frank

    Love. Love. Love. Thank you. This would go great with the chair I upcycled into a scarf rack:

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  • Moved into a tiny apartment last week and this post is just what I was looking for, thanks! How tall did you make the conduit pipe?

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  • I’d put a kind of a ‘stop’ at the ends of the rack, too.

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  • Indigain

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  • Amanda || Eclectic Snapshots

    I actually had the issue with having almost zero closet space so I built a rack similar to this! Mine is a 3 tiered rack!

  • Bianka Cochran

    Oh my gosh! I’ve been wanting to make one but always thought if I did it it’d come out all rickety. I can’t wait to do this :D

  • Christine Fail

    This is such a great idea! Would be perfect in a guest room where a closet might already be used for storage. I have friends using similar concepts for displays at trade shows too.

  • For a reference what size are the pipes you used. How tall is it?

    • Hi Shelly,
      I made mine with about 58″ pipes for the sides and about 38″ long for the top bar.

  • Likeabyul

    Beautiful work ! I wish I could do that all by myself.

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  • Nikki Thomas

    Wow, what a great idea and very easy to assemble.

  • can I ask how much this project cost overall?

  • Jessica (bakecetera)

    that green dress.


    i love this project :D!

  • Such an awesome idea!!!

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  • I am looking for a great free standing display solution for an event I will be at in Dallas and this is just perfect! Love your style. If you have a little boy or know one and want cool boys clothes come check out our stuff!

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  • I loved the gif, how cool! I just ran out of all the space I have so this DIY is totally my cup of tea :)


  • So nice !!! I love it !

  • Hi, Shescorts!

    My boyfriend found the perfect plank for the base, and I’m excited to get started on this project.

    May I ask, over time, have you found it to be pretty sturdy?
    I’m planning to use it as a closet, and will hang quite a few things on it.

    Anything you do differently now that you’ve been using it for a while?

    LOVING your site!
    Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

    • Hey Ally,
      So far mine has stayed sturdy. I don’t think I would change anything for me but if I was planning to hang a lot of clothes on the rack I would maybe use a T joint at the top joints instead of an elbow and then put another little bit of pipe at the ends so that it would make a stop. Does that make sense? ha Good luck! I hope it turns out great.

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  • Hi sarah! I was wondering if you were able to use galvanized pipes and flanges? I got the same spray paint here but I could only find galvanized pieces and I am worried about the paint adhering. I love this idea and am excited to get it done though!!

    • Hi Claire,
      You should be find with the galvanized pieces as long as you prep them right. This link might be handy… Good luck!

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  • Hi there- this is awesome! I have a room closet with about 4 of the chrome garment racks and I think this would be much more sturdy and DIY. Question, I see the wood on the bottom but what is the wood sitting on? Also you stated to make it more sturdy for additional clothes, you would add a tjoint and also more pipe for a stop. What does that mean “more pipe for a stop”? Thanks

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  • Ananda Hensley

    How much were the supplies for this (not including the wood?)
    Thanks So Much…….

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  • This is amazing!

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  • What length for the 3 pipes? Thanks for the tutorial!

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  • Christina Storm

    LOVE this! I need to make one ASAP!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  • May I ask who makes those fabulous black/white/gold pumps? Thanks!

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  • Vanessa

    Lovely and simple! I’m thinking of doing a white + gold version :)

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  • Pottery barn has a similar one, with the joints painted gold, for way too much money! We’ve been wanting to DIY this for a while! Some fancy rollers, and you’ve got nearly the same thing!||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules

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  • DeEtte

    What should I expect these items to cost me?

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  • Just out of curiosity, did you use a bushing or 2-way fitting for the top pipe? How did you screw it into both ends, as turning it one way would loosen it the other? My instinct would be to make the entire pipe fitting connections, then fix to the base with the flange. I would make the joins for the 2 sides and flanges, then join the elbows to the top pipe, then screw the side pieces into the elbows.

    Am I overthinking this? Please tell me your neat trick!

  • hi RBJill, yes I’m sure there’s a few different ways to make it! For mine it is just the standard threading so yes it does unscrew a bit on one side to screw into the other however there is plenty of threading on the pipe to accommodate for both sides. My husband has been using the rack as his entire closet for a year now while we renovate and it has been working great!

  • How much would the entire project cost?

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  • It just occurred to me (as I was reading through numerous DIY blogs) that if one were feeling particularly lazy, you could purchase this for $9.99 (, and then use the floor flanges and wood plank/casters following the instructions you gave, no? Not sure though whether the flanges would fit. Thoughts>

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  • Breanna

    How long were the pipes that you used?

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  • I love these clothing racks. It`s a really great solution for storage.

  • natalie

    how much did this project cost for you? I really like the look of these garment racks,but the one at urban Outfitters is over 400 dollars. This will be my first time doing any projects like this, so i really hope it turns out well.

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  • Luke Yancey

    This looks like a cool do it yourself option. I really like that there is the bottom panel to set your shoes on. I might even try making this for my sister for Christmas! She has been wanting to get a clothes rack for awhile but keeps forgetting to do so.

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