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Well, I’ve switched some things up a bit… there’s a bedroom in our studio! We have family coming in for the holidays so I’ve temporarily converted the studio to a guesthouse. When Archie arrived we transformed our only guest room to his nursery, which left us with no space for family to stay, other than crashing in the living room. Once we built-out the new studio space my parents were able to stay there when they visited but we didn’t have that great of a set up. My mom would sleep on the sofa and my dad on an air mattress.

This year I wanted to welcome them with a much more comfortable space, so I set out to create a beautiful bedroom on a budget that would also be easy to convert back and forth from my studio to a guest room when we do and don’t have house guests. I had most things on hand but the design started to come together when I saw  and a DIY headboard idea was born.


Supplies Needed:
Small Finish Nails

I wanted a headboard to frame out the bed and make it feel like a proper bedroom and all I did was purchase and and secure them to the wall with tiny finish nails. Five minutes later… instant headboard!

Another great thing about this DIY is that I can repurpose  for a table setting while they aren’t in use as a headboard.

On a side note… I love seeing how my wallpaper works in a bedroom setting, which has me really excited for when I can start selling it (I’ll keep you posted but it should be available early 1017!).

I bought which has legs that screw off easily so we can store it without taking up too much space when we don’t have guests and I topped it all off with my favorite . Next I added some ottomans as night stands, and a grounded it all with a vintage rug, from my ever growing rug obsession collection.

I am not sure how having a bed in the studio over the next month or so will affect my productivity. It is pretty naptime tempting after all, but I am sure my visiting family will appreciate it.

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