from the weekend: holiday recovery

It was hard saying goodbye to the midwest winter wonderland but I can say I am pretty pleased that we are missing out on the crazy that are hitting there this week. (I mean -50 degree wind chill? no thank you). We spent the weekend slowly de-christmasing our house, brunching at a , and and snuggling with our much missed pups.

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Images by me via (I’m )

  • It’s nice to experience real winter weather during the holidays and nice to get to leave it too. I wish I was heading somewhere warm.

  • We’re actually stuck in that -20 feeling like -50 degree weather right now :( not fun! I love your pictures so much! It makes me want to go out and take some pictures tomorrow, if this blizzard stops! Its nice to hear you had a good holiday! :)

  • You are lucky I am in WI and it is WAY too cold here!

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