from the weekend: los alamos

My parents are visiting from Michigan this week so we took them up to a darling little tiny town Los Alamos. It is about two and half hours north of LA which makes for a great weekend getaway and you know I like me some weekend trips. We stayed in which is the newest addition to the  roster. It is in the process of getting renovated and we were lucky enough to snag one of the new rooms. If you plan on going sometime soon, it is a good idea to request one of the renovated spaces as there are still only a few (and completely adorable).

A few of our favorite spots from the weekend were…

To Eat:

To Drink:
(right at the hotel)

To See:
 (about 45 mins north)
(feed some ostrich and emus)
Antique Shops galore

Images by me via iPhone & (I’m )

  • Oh I love Los Alamos! I’m friends with the gal that runs the C Gallery and she lets me draw the murals on the side of it. I’m so happy people are making it up there, it’s such a funky little town :)

  • So fun!! love those ostriches! You have a way of making every place you visit look so chic.

  • Sounds like a wonderful weekend with your parents! <3

    I love these little weekend getaways you do–so interesting and something I don't tend towards myself. Definitely something to consider though because i'm sure there is plenty to explore around here! :)

  • Hi Chelsea! OMG that is amazing! Was it the mural with the blackbirds and the kids? We talked about how much we loved it. so amazing. xo

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