from the weekend: los angeles in two days

I got to play tourist in my own city this weekend with one of my best gal pals who was visiting from San Francisco. We caught up while buzzing around town to a lot of my favorite spots. Here’s the short list for our whirlwind weekend in LA.

We had an unforgettable at , a peek at the new downtown, a manicure at the most beautiful , brunch at & , shopping on Abbot Kinney as well as in Silver Lake, another tasty meal at , hiking and taking in the view at , tacos and drinks at , and a long, and by then, delirious meal at .

Image by me via Instagram (I’m )

  • I love seeing my city and reminded how beautiful it is! :)

  • Jennifer Naraki

    Oh, now I’m craving Kogi tacos! Mmmmmmm. Sounds like a perfectly spoiled weekend. How nice.7

  • Sounds like a fab weekend! I do the same thing every weekend – I play tourist in Los Angeles, even though I live here 24/7. It’s quite a different experience from being inside working all day!

  • That first picture is to die for! Such an amazing view!

  • I took my friend to Olive & June after I say your , and we loved it! So nice going to such a beautiful salon that doesn’t a) smell like fumes or b) insist on trying to upsell you every 2 minutes.

  • Love this photo! Found you via your :)

  • Hi Shescorts!
    Are all of these spots still open? My friend and I are coming to visit LA for a quick weekend trip in February. Just came across this little itinerary. Any other posts I should look at? Thank you :)

    • Hi Vanessa,
      Yes they are all still open! Alma you have to reserve way ahead of time so if you want to go there you better get on it. :) Maybe click on the Los Angeles tag at the bottom of the post and some more of my favorite spots might be mentioned in those posts. I can’t think of any off the top of my head!

  • thank you so so much. :)

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