from the weekend: road trip

This weekend I headed back from Palm Springs with one of my best gals after a little retreat called  (more on that later). On the route back we stopped at specifically for their banana-date shake and that prompted us to make another stop for a batch of in-and-out french fries. I gotta have that mix of salty with sweet, which is why I thought to bring my house guest to the next morning for my favorite breakfast of chicken & waffles. Seriously delicious.

Hope you indulged a little this weekend too!

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  • those waffles…. so delicious looking!!! xx

  • Chicken and waffles are always an amazing treat! Love the Tasting Kitchen. Have you been to the Tasting Kitchen’s sister restaurant, The Parish, in Downtown LA? It is amazing as well.

    • Hi Quyen, I haven’t been yet! I hardly ever make it over that way but looks like a good excuse to go. Thank you for the rec. :)

  • Ace + In and Out + Waffles… sounds like an amazing weekend!

  • I keep hearing about ‘chicken & waffles’ but have never tried it! I’m not sure anywhere in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) serves it, but to be honest, I’m kind of like, ‘Mehhhhh?’; is it really that good!?

    Banana-date shakes?! HELLO!

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