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entry table // smitten studioThanks for all the help with the console table selection! I was so excited that some of you chose the Mill. My three favorites were probably the Strut, the Brent, and the Mill. Once I factored in price, the Mill shot up to number one. It also helped that the dimensions were exactly what I was looking for.

entry table // smitten studioentry table // smitten studioWhile we sacrificed on storage, we made up for it with a table that is more proportionate to the space and other practical entryway must-haves like a mirror, a place to sit to put on shoes, and a designated bowl for keys (hopefully this means no more misplacing them!). I also love how minimal and light the table is compared to the bulkier wood piece we had there before. Whatchu think?!

We also finished off the new front door with one coat of stain (1 part light-walnut mixed with 2 parts provincial) and three coats of polyurethane.

To see the before photos check here.
To see all the renovation progress check here.

Sources: Mill Console Table by CB2 // Door by AAW (stained with 1 part Light Walnut & 2 parts Provencal by Varathane) // Vintage Hardoy Chair from Surfing Cowboys // Sofa from HD buttercup // Coffee Table is Vintage found at the Long Beach Flea // Rug from The Rug Warehouse // Chandelier by Jonathan Adler // Paint color is Snowfall by Behr // Mid-century stool, vintage // Sheepskin from Ikea // Basket from Chicos // Pillows by Little Korboose // Glass Terrarium from Urban Outfitters // Candle Holder, Vintage // Gold Bowl by CB2

Images by Shescorts Sherman Samuel

  • danielle

    Where did you get the mirror? Love it.

    • Hey Danielle, I had the mirror custom made by a local glass & shower company.

      • Berengere

        Very nice space! I could move in and me in heaven! What are the specs you used for the mirror? Size, edge… This is absolutely perfect! Thanks a lot

  • kristin

    gorgeous! love your table choice.

  • Heather

    What a beautiful space. I agree that the table is a perfect fit. I also really love your front door. It’s so unusual. Is it original to the house?

  • That door is fabulous and really changes the look of the foyer! I’d love to see how it looks from the outside. The table is sleek and modern and looks like it was made for the space. Love it all!!

  • Amanda @ A.Co est. 1984

    YAY!! I love the Mill and it was in my top 3 (for you, haha).

    Looks AWESOME. You have such a great eye for photographing your home, I love seeing these photos and the progress!

  • Chelsea

    It’s looking so good! I love that there aren’t a ton of drawers to weigh the piece down. The entryway is a great place to keep things light and airy.

  • Brianna

    Oooo I’m glad you picked that table. So perfect for the space. Also, I spy a Shescorts behind the pretty plant!

    • haha Brianna, I tried to squeeze my arm in close but you caught me! lol

  • Colleen N

    Love it all. As always you nailed it. That candleholder is fab. Have you ever tried black candlesticks?

    • Hey Colleen, I haven’t with this candleholder but I love the idea. They would look great here. Thank you!

  • Karen | Char Co.

    Looks super sharp! Love the attention to detail.

  • Natalie

    Where is that rug from? It is absolutely gorgeous and looks amazing in your living room, I must have it!

    • Hi Natalie, It is a one of a kind Khotan rug, but they have other great rugs similar to it, the source is listed above.

  • Hi Heather, Thank you! The door is new, I listed the source in the post.

  • Somehow, you house makes me want to move to LA, haha.

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  • Kristin @ Bliss at Home

    So gorgeous! You choices are perfection :)

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  • Megan MacLeod

    Are you able to tell me the dimensions of your mirror? It looks like a eight sided hexagon but just wondering what dimensions you gave to the company to have them make

  • which door is this on their site? thanks

  • So happy I stumbled upon your blog via . I’m a michigan girl now living in LA.. Your spaces are so inspiring – you are a magician.

  • Shayann

    Hi Corrine,
    We are an authorized distributer of AAW Doors. You may find this door at http://www.doornmore.com

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  • Shescorts – love love love the mirror! Have a similar space I’m trying to find a mirror for and custom making one is such a brilliant idea! Would love to get further detail on the size of yours if you have time. Is each side 12″ or is it 48″ tall by 48″ wide? Thank you, love what you’re doing!

    • Hi Allie, Thank you! It is 48″ x 48″ overall. (Each side measures about 18.5″)

  • Valerie

    LOVE this!! What kind of plant is this? I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the planter it’s in!

  • Perfect entry!, looks amazing! Can you please share how the mirror is hung?

  • Amanda Williams

    Hey Shescorts. Did you sand your door or just put the stain right on the door? We are getting ready to staid a door we have and I’m nervous. Thank you so much!

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  • April Nemeth

    This is so lovely! Just noticed our organic pillows below the console too — they look great in this beautiful home! Thanks for sharing Little Korboose with your readers!

  • Shescorts – thank you, we have the same console from cb2 and have been wondering what to put over it and I think something that size is perfect.! So smart to get sometime to make exactly what you want custom. I’m in Venice (which I think is where you are) – is there someone you used that you would recommend to do custom mirror work?

  • kirsten

    Hey Shescorts!!
    Love this so much! Can i ask where the white pot is from?? I didn’t see it in the sources :)

    • Oh yes! I forgot to list. The pot is from Home Depot. I spray painted it white. The plant is a rubber plant. X

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  • I found this door online here: http://www.doors4home.com/p-3725-rubi-slimlite-1.aspx
    Great price for a modern Mahogany entry door!!

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  • This is gorgeous Shescorts, so in love with the mirror and brass bowl. Had been looking at that console for a while now too. Just crazy money to ship that to Ibiza! Oh well, happy admiring it in your space at least :)

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  • Shescorts, you did a wonderful job. Clean, simple and elegant!
    FYI: I found the front door here in case someone is looking where to buy it: http://www.doors4home.com/p-3725-rubi-slimlite-1.aspx

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  • Hi Shescorts,

    Just wanted to say I love your style and aesthetic so much! I’ve been scouring the Internet for inspiration bc my husband and I just bought a new home and your blog is the best! I’m originally from LA but moved to DC and wanted to bring that fresh vibe to my home and have tons of renovations so thanks so so much for walking us DIY newbies through the process!!! :)

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  • Hi Shescorts! Beautiful blog and post! Maybe I missed it above, but I’m wondering what whites you use for the walls? We are moving into a rental and I wanton everywhere white… This looks beautiful! How do you find it in different lighting? TIA ?

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  • Hello! Love your style, looked into getting a mirror like that made but the company said it would be too heavy to hang… ??? What type of mounting did you use?

  • Love the clean bright look. Nice door…

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  • What wood is your door made of? I recently ordered a similar one of douglas fir and want a similar tone in the finish, but my husband now tells me douglas fir doesn’t stain well- so I am just curious to see what wood you stained!

  • Love this door!!! Thanks for sharing

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    The door looks very nice.

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  • Juanita Patrick

    This one photo exemplifies everything that I want in a house. Just this single frame. *Sigh* I am in wood-flooring heaven right now.

  • Steam Mops

    Wow! your home looks beautiful

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