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Now that I have started to get the living room to a place that looks like someone actually lives there, I turned my attention to the dining room.

While I was searching for a dining table, I came across so many great options and it was tough to make a decision. Here, I narrowed it down to my top selections in case any of you are also in the market for a new good looking place to pull up a chair.

Here’s how the dining room looks with the new floors and the fresh paint… another clean slate just waiting for the right furniture!

I am dying over that but I don’t think our current chairs would work with it and it already has a hefty price tag, so I am going to have to go with my runner up (which thankfully I love almost as much). Which one would you choose?

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To see the dining room before check here.
To see all of the renovation progress check here.

  • Love your picks! Can definitely see why you’d have difficulty choosing! I actually bought the Parker table & finally got it delivered about 2 weeks ago and I love it.

  • Wow your dining room (even without the table) is absolutely beautiful. I’m partial to a rectangular table rather than one that’s circular. All of the options you’ve chosen are gorgeous.

  • Annamarie H

    Loving the Dakota!

  • all gorgeous options! but, I do love a round dining table! we have a rectangle table in our dining room and a round one in our breakfast nook…we eat all our meals at the round one…cozier!

  • The log table looks like a banquet table. Otherwise, your dining room is beautiful. I cannot wait to see the house in all it’s glory!

  • The dakota is swoon-worthy! I also love the lucia, but I think for a more ‘formal’ dining room the log table is the way to go! Unfortunately this one is on par for price….Why not have you and your dad make something together??? I am sure if you wanted to have a rectangular table, you two would be able to create something even more beautiful and that much more sentimental.

  • The dakota is simply awesome!
    marble + gold + wire, pure perfection!

  • The Chilton table is amazing. I love live-edge wood!

  • I just did a post on how I would design my (hypothetical) dining room. Once I move out of my teeny NYC apartment, I have my eye on the Dylan from CB2

  • You NEED to spring for the dakota, totally worth it! use your chairs, swap with someone else or find thrifty ones. My second choice would be lucia. Hands down that space needs a round table. Gorgeous job on your house so far!

  • I am loving the Parker Table, but I’m a huge fan of mid-century modern style furniture. All of your picks are so fabulous. I can see how it would be hard to choose. :)

  • Hi Connie, you are so right! Making a table with my dad would have been a great idea. Maybe I will enlist his help to make some nightstands or a dresser instead. :)

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