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  There is something about the winter months that makes me want Pizza for dinner even more than I usually do, which lets face it, is a lot. Who doesn’t like Pizza? It’s a comforting circle of cheesy bread love, the topping options are endless. One step better than going out for your favorite slice is inviting a few friends over for some homemade pizza and last week I turned your average pizza night up a notch to do just that. I teamed up with to share my take on a homemade pizza party, it’s a little bit fancy and a little bit casual, and the best part is that you can win a slew of goodies to create a memorable pizza night of your own.

In all things I like to strike a balance… high and low, vintage and new, casual and fancy… etc. etc. The trick to finding sweet spot when it comes to aesthetics is all about finding a good balance. A pizza party is an easy casual party to throw, but add in a few elevated elements like homemade pizza, cloth napkins, tasty wine and a beautiful place setting and you’ve got yourself a special evening without too much fuss.

To make things easy we set up a pizza buffet on the dining table where guests can help themselves. Along next to the pizzas I laid out glasses and a bottle of wine in a chiller as well as a large salad bowl. To make it a pretty presentation, I laid out some eucalyptus as a runner and set the pizza’s up at varying heights using a pizza stone and a cake plate.

I set up cheese plates around the kitchen and living room for people to nibble on and place settings around a large coffee table to carry on the mix of casual/fancy and to create an intimate vibe. I am pretty sure someone has to have proven that you can’t hold on to pretension while sitting on the floor.

I used woven chargers (you might remember them from my DIY headboard. I told you I’d re-use them), ceramic plates, gold flatware, striped napkins and a little bunch of eucalyptus and a thistle to top it off. And now onto the pizza!

I made two kinds of pizza, one savory sausage and one vegetarian that is a little sweet and a little spicy and both start with a homemade crust.

 I have two local restaurants nearby that make incredible gourmet pies and I created two pizza’s inspired by my favorites from each place. Find my full recipes for the (above) and a  on EccoDomani.com ( and )

Which brings us to giveaway time!

I hand pick these pizza perfect items to give away to one lucky reader ($500 retail value). To enter head to or , find an image from this post that is labeled #EccoDomaniContest and comment how you’d upgrade your pizza party. See more details and

Happy Pizza Partying.

Included in the giveaway is:

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Additional Sources from my party:
// // // // // // Pillows // // // // Serving Boards //

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This Post was done in collaboration with Ecco Domani Wine. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.

  • Awesome, thanks for having the giveaway. I have my fingers crossed! The Fig-Pear Pizza with Arugula looks and sounds amazing!

  • So beautiful, as always!

  • What a fun way to enjoy pizza night at home. I have got to try the Bee’s Knee’s Spicy Honey! Sounds wonderful!

  • You make pizza look so beautiful!!! Question, where did you find the lamp above your table? Love it so much!!

  • Hi Shescorts- Your home is so beautiful! Can you share where the pillows around your coffee table are from?

  • That pizza cutter. I just broke mine, so I’m in the market for a new one for sure. (And how handy ARE those stupid circular ones, anyway?)

  • What’s your review of the shroom coffee table? I saw some people say it can be stained easily. I’m curious how yours has held up.

    • Mine is still pristine and I love it, however it is in a space in the house that gets very little use. Basically we set our mail on it, archie climbs on it once in a while but nothing stain worthy gets put in with it. So I don’t think I am much help! ha

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