in my bag: los angeles

Inspired by my weekend jaunt all over L.A., I am planning a little stay/workcation at on the other side of town, so that we can escape the construction for a couple of days.

Waking up to wood saws, hammering, and the smell of welding copper pipes maddeningly a touch too early for me every morning is beginning to wear on these tired bones. While Rupe leaves for work for the day, I am at home fielding questions from the crew and trying to work out of my studio with the cacophony of electric tools just outside my door. Oh and there is also the frequent interruptions in running water which has me running to the local grocery store for bathroom breaks. lovely.

I am not complaining because all this noise means progress and I will be so thankful when we move into our new bedroom. However, I think it is time to grab my bag, laptop, current notebook, the most luxurious PJ’s, and a business meeting outfit, and head out for a couple work days on the east side.

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