interior color palette

While the dirty work is underway, I’ve started planning the direction that I’d like to take the interior, starting with the color palette. This is roughly what I have in mind for the living, dining, and kitchen area.

Since the rooms will all be open into each other I want to pull from the same palette, and all of these images together have a a beautiful mix of muted neutrals as well as pops of pink, coral, green & blue so there will be plenty of different combinations to choose from (and a healthy mix of feminine and masculine). I tend to gravitate towards a slightly more masculine aesthetic in my interiors so I am pushing myself a little bit with the introduction of pink… but I’m liking it already.

Image sources: 1: I pulled this from the Instagram feed of (aka ). I mean those colors!??! perfection.
2: Clutches by  3:  Image from  4: Peony painting by  5: By Sharon Montrose

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