kitchen before & after

kitchen renovation // before & after // ShescortsThe kitchen had been 98% finished for… oh maybe about six months before we got around to the final touches. While we may have moved crazy fast on the recent bathroom reno, things get completed a little slower when it’s DIY.

Because really, after you’ve done the entire kitchen and ran out of supplies for the last pieces of trim, who wants to get all the tools out again just to put up some trim above the cabinets and finish off the toe-kicks? Not this girl… so I saved the project for when my dad came to town and made him do it. Dad’s are good for that sort of thing. And just like that… it is done! Don’t miss the “before and afters” after the jump!

kitchen renovation // before & after // Shescortskitchen renovation // before & after // ShescortsWe used Semihandmade doors & drawer fronts that were custom made to fit Ikea cabinets, you can read more about the process here. We initially had a professional spray paint the fronts but when we extended the kitchen, we ended up buying a sprayer and painting them ourselves which you can read more about here.

kitchen renovation // before & after // Shescortskitchen renovation // before & after // ShescortsPreviously the kitchen was a tiny space, completely closed off to the rest of the house. We gutted it, opened it up, expanded it, and added on a separate laundry room so that we could move the washer and dryer out of the pantry and away from the dishwasher.

kitchen renovation // before & after // ShescortsI sourced the Calacatta Marble from a slab yard in Van Nuys. I can’t say for sure, but I think I found it at Marble Unlimited. There are quite a few stone suppliers in Van Nuys and after visiting a bunch of them, we found the slab I wanted and I can’t remember exactly which one it was from. It makes a pretty perfect backdrop for my cutting boards hey? ;)

Your best bet if you are in the LA area is to drive out there and hop from one to another. Just a warning though, some of them only supply to contractors, you might want to ask first before getting your heart set on the perfect slab.

kitchen renovation // before & after // ShescortsI knew I had to have brass in the kitchen and found these perfect pulls on (best website name ever?! ha). Cedar & Moss lighting was the icing on the cake and I am still SO in love with the cabinet color (it’s “pigeon” by Farrow & Ball btw). All the sources and side-by-side before and afters, after the jump… 

Alto Pendant Lamps by Cedar & Moss // Cabinet Doors & Drawer fronts by SemiHandmade // Cabinet Hardware by Lewis Dolwin // Stools by Organic Modernism //  Floor Stain Color is Ebony by Minwax // Faucet by Brizo // Lucia Ceiling Light by Cedar & Moss // Microwave by Summit // Serving boards & Linens by A Sunny Afternoon //Sink by Ikea // Dining Table by Organic Modernism // Chairs are vintage

Cabinet paint colors: Pigeon & Wimborne White by Farrow & Ball // Wall color is Snowfall by Behr

For all the entryway sources look here


kitchen renovation // before & after // ShescortsThe day we knocked into that wall was like ahhhhhhhh.

kitchen renovation // before & after // ShescortsRight next to the day we knocked down this other wall and made the kitchen almost twice the size. Double ahhhh.

kitchen renovation // before & after // Shescortskitchen renovation // before & after // ShescortsEven though it is still a relatively small kitchen, having it open to the rest of the house makes it perfect for entertaining. Maybe now I’ll throw a year late housewarming party. :)

kitchen renovation // before & after // ShescortsAfter living with the new kitchen for quite a few months, I couldn’t be happier with the result. The only thing we are going to eventually add is a tile backsplash by the stove. We are not chefs over here, but have been cooking a lot more at home and the wall next to the range (second to last photo) has definitely seen better days. Grease stains and even some warping from the heat! Yikes. I am thinking of tiling that entire nook from stove to ceiling, what would you do there?

To see all of our home renovation progress check here.

Images by Shescorts Sherman Samuel 

  • Jessica

    Such a beautiful reward for all your hard work! Stunning!

    And I totally agree with your idea of tiling that whole nook, both sides, to the ceiling!

  • We have the same color wood floor in your before, and we want to take it to that ebony color in your after. Did you get new floors? or just sand/re-stain?

  • I love this kitchen so much! I want to replicate it at my house.

  • Gorgeous! What color white are the upper cabinets? Having the hardest time finding a white!

  • brittanyMakes

    the most beautiful kitchen on the internet! So cool to see the before & afters side by side. And I totally feel you on the year-later house warming. We haven’t had anyone over at all! Except when the little man arrived. It’s about time i say!

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  • beautiful kitchen, one of my favourites out there. You manage to always strike the best balance between simple/clean and luxurious!

  • I really like the idea of tiling the whole area around the stove.

  • I think tile would be beautiful, I would probably keep with the solid white on the tile and the grout it looks so clean and modern with the color scheme the way it is, but that’s just me :) Congrats on your little one, I love your whole house, I have envy :)

  • I love your kitchen! The color of the cabinets are so beautiful and I love the brass! Would you mind sharing where you found the copper can users on your counter? I love them! :)

    • Hi Sena,
      Oh yes, forgot to mention those. I found them at the Long Beach flea market.

  • Gorgeous house reno and well done on all the DIY! I would just go to the height of the extractor – do you have any marble left for it..? Will look lovely whatever you decide to do..

  • Patricia

    Totally agree with you on the tiles. I would do it floor to ceiling, all white, to keep the beautiful palette you have now. Our kitchen could use some tiles as well, but I’m still doubting what I should do myself. x

  • michelle

    so beautiful!

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  • Jenny B

    I’m sure this is one of the most pinned kitchens out there. It seems so doable, but only because of your level of taste. Question – where is the vent hood from? I love that it’s rounded and white, it gives me a Swedish vibe. thanks!

    • Hi Jenny B, thank you! and crap I forgot to list that. It is from Signature Hardware

  • Amber | All the Cute

    Your kitchen is stunning! I’m always amazed at how people can take a space and transform it… Seriously… where’s my eye for that!? :) Congrats on the “new” space!!! Looks wonderful, truly!

    All the Cute
    Today’s Post: Preppy Saturday

  • Chelsea

    Your home is just so beautiful and fresh! I adore every single detail and room.

  • Claire Brody

    WOW wowowowowowowowow!! Omg so beautiful!!

  • I really love all your choices. The cabinet colors, brass, lightening everything. Was it not possible to put the dishwasher next to the sink?

  • You are making it really hard for me lol… I have so much countertop and backsplash that I need a small fortune to do it all as a slab… >_< The end result is really selling me though.

  • Emily Henderson

    SOOOO pretty. Nice job. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • beautiful! love how soft everything looks, and how the hardware pops against it. I’d love to know how you like that smaller sink…or maybe it just looks small in the photos? really love work!

    • Hi Emily, it is actually pretty big. The different thing is that there is only one basin instead of two but it is one really big basin and we love it. We have this same sink in both our house and the cabin.

  • Jennifer

    LOVE it all!! Where are the amazing counter stools from?

  • Sherrie

    Nicely done. I have dark floors in my kitchen and have thought about re-finishing my cabinets to some shade of grey, but wondered how it would look (I don’t have the same great light source that you do). This gives me a good idea of how it could look.

    What about a mirrored back splash around the stove? Maybe a glass shelf (with brass brackets) for spices. Good inspriation. Thanks

  • Jan Palm-Titus

    Thank you SO much for sharing your sources like semihandmadedoors, and gorgeous paint colors and hardware. I’ve been agonizing over ikea cabinets — love their functionality, but didn’t love any of their fronts — now I’m saved.
    You are a gift! — cant thank you enough!

  • Great job Shescorts! So bright and inviting. I especially love the marble counter tops. *swoon*

  • Love the color of the cabinets and how bright the kitchen is! Great Job!

  • Victoria Smith

    freakin’ fabulous. thanks for all the resources, too. i really want to swap out the granite in my new kitchen for marble. once you select your slab, do they then cut it to your specifications, or do they bring it to the site and cut it there? thanks, sarah!

    • Hi Victoria! Thank you. So in my case they came took measurements first and did all of the cutting off site aside from cutting the outlet holes which they did on-site when they installed it. Hope that helps! x

  • Hi Shescorts! We just got our Semihandmade cabinet doors and are debating between painting ourselves over hiring a professional. I am leaning towards professional because they can do the satin lacquer finish which I think will hold up better over time than if I paint them with regular paint. What are your thoughts? Can you tell a difference between the ones you sprayed yourself vs professional? How hard was it to do both sides and not smudge the paint? Thanks for your advice! Your kitchen definitely inspired us to go the semi DIY route!

    • Hi Janine! Yay. So glad you were able to go this route. We ended up actually doing a better job then the professionals. Ha because I did one extra coat. I ended up having to do a pass at the ones the pros did as well because the paint on theirs still showed the color of the raw wood through the paint. (Which we didn’t realize until we compared the two). But who knows how good my “pro” actually was. We have found a few not so pro sub contractors while working on the house. Anyway, I have heard lacquer finish is so hard to get done right so it might be worth having someone who has done it before do it. In that case I would probably recommend going with a pro. I haven’t tried it before myself but from what I hear It can be trickier. And if you don’t already have a sprayer and an air compressor it might not be worth investing in all that. Hope that helps!

      • Hello Shescorts! Stunning kitchen. We just had our Semihandmade doors delivered yesterday and I was wondering if you have a blog post about the exact steps you used to paint your doors yourself. Would you be able to email me that information or direct me where to find it on your blog? Thank you! Semihandmade was so great to work with. :)

  • Amanda @ A.Co est. 1984

    Ahhhh I love seeing the side-by-side after following along this whole time. I can’t believe how well your vision came together–I’ve said it before but you guys have a real knack for this stuff!!

    I still remember your old condo/loft and can’t believe it’s been over a year in this place already!

  • My parents recently updated their kitchen and tiled (glass tiles) all the way to the ceiling behind their stove. They also upgraded their hood fan and the whole thing looks amazing. Prior to the renovation there was no tiling and like you mentioned you were experiencing, behind the stove didn’t look the best it could be.

    Whatever you decide I am sure it will look lovely. Your kitchen is gorgeous, definitely the type of place you could spend all day in enjoying.

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  • Shannon

    What is the type of marble???? Beautiful!!!!!!

  • Shannon

    What is this gorgeous marble???!!!!!

  • Shannon

    What is this gorgeous marble???!!!!!!!!

  • Shannon

    Sorry I posted this question 3 times!!!!!!!! Didn’t mean to

  • Wesley Lebeau

    Hi Shescorts,

    Came to your sight after drooling over your kitchen on Pinterest and I think I’ve read through most of it in one weekend, your taste is impeccable. Question on spraying cupboards- did you do it inside or outside? Just painted an armoire outside and it was bug city. Did you get sawhorses or something to set them on? And finally how many coats of paint did you need? I want to paint my existing shaker’s from ikea and not really sure it’s work getting them done pro but also don’t want to waste my time if I can’t execute properly. Thank you!

    • sarah

      Hi Wesley,
      Yes we sprayed them outside on saw horses. I guess we are lucky in CA with not too many bugs. We did three coats! It goes so fast, just the drying in between is what takes a while.

  • Hey Shescorts,

    Please share where you have found this little butterfly stool?
    My UO chair is so lonely! Many thanks!

    • sarah

      Hi Luba,
      The stool is the matching vintage Hardoy ottoman which we got from Surfing Cowboys. x

  • Renee

    I luv your kitchen! Need those pendants. Where are the stools from?

    • sarah

      they are from organic modernism. There’s a link in the post. x

  • One of my fav kitchens EVER. It was you and this kitchen that sold us on Semihandmade for our kitchen reno. Im so glad we did. I love the idea of tile for the stove area. Cant wait to see what you choose to do there.

  • Emily

    So I have saved a picture of your gorgeous kitchen FOREVER and am finally getting to use that fabulous gray-green cabinet color you used in my next model home! I am wondering if you actually used Farrow and Ball paint or if you had another paint brand custom matched to the Pigeon color? I have read in many places that Farrow and Ball paints, while beautiful, are very hard to maintain, especially in a kitchen area where it needs to be washable. What has your experience with it been like now that you’ve lived with it for a while? Does it show fingerprints?

  • Sandy

    Beautiful kitchen! What is the thickness of the marble?

  • Stunning and inspirational!

    Where did you get the amazing door from – warm wood, interesting slats (has both natural light coming through, but also privacy!)

  • Diana

    Love this kitchen so much! where are the cake stands from? Thanks so much!

    • sarah

      Hi Diana, the ceramic one is by suite one studio and the wood one will be for sale in my shop when the new site launches. X

  • Laura (Blogging Over Thyme)


  • Hi Shescorts,

    Love love your kitchen! We are in the process of renovating our kitchen similar to yours. A few questions. Can you give me an actual link to the brass handles. It was hard for me to located them on
    Is there a similar color to your paint color from benjamin moore. The cabinet guy uses benjamin moore. We love the pigeon grey from benjamin moore, but it looks bluer than yours.
    Thank for your time!

  • I want to see this post so bad! i have seen snippets of it on others blogs but i wanted to read it from the original source! SO AMAZING BTW! but none of the photos are loading :( and when i right click on an image icon to open in a new window, i get 404 error page! Please help!

  • Hi Shescorts, Your kitchen redo is stunning. Ikeep going back to your post and get so inspired! Can you share the length of the pendant lighting you used for the kitchen? thanks!

  • TO DIE FOR KITCHEN!!!! Perfection in every way. Regarding the hardware, what length pull did you use?

  • Evelyne Pauld

    Hi Shescorts,
    Do you have photos of laundry area and how it ties into the kitchen?

    • Hi yes! We are actually working in the laundry room now and will share the progress soon! X

  • So beautiful! The colors are so lovely. I am so inspired!

  • Which finish did you choose for the cabinet paint colours? Love this kitchen xx

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if your pulls are brushed or polished? Thanks!

  • I adore your kitchen but am very curious where you found your leather butterfly chair and stool! I’ve been on the hunt but have found they are very pricey. Thanks in advance!

    • Ah, I just saw that they are vintage in another post! Sorry about that! But one more question, do you know what happened to A Sunny Afternoon? The page seems to have disappeared. I’m bummed!

      • Hi Lexi! A sunny afternoon is open!… now it’s the SSS shop. The tab is just up at the top of the page! You can read about the name change a few posts back. X

  • Hi Lexi! A sunny afternoon is open!… now it’s the SSS shop. The tab is just up at the top of the page! You can read about the name change a few posts back. X

  • Gorgeous reno. We are desperately looking for a narrow table similar to the one in your final picture under the mirror. Would you mind sharing where this is from?

    • Hi britt there should be a link. It’s from CB2! X

      • Oh just saw there’s a link to a full post I did on the entryway which has the direct link there!

  • Bravo! That marble is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Wow what a stunning kitchen! Absolutely love marble!

  • Hi Shescorts
    Your kitchen inspired me so much I am now in the process of redoing my kitchen to look like yours. Can you tell me the finish on the Brizo faucet? Is it copper or brushed bronze?

  • Hi there!
    I’d like to be yet another person to say how lovely all of the details are in your fab new layout. Very good DIY and very good taste!
    From a functional standpoint, how are the DIY shaker cabinet fronts doing over a year later? Did I read correctly that you chose the mdf (not wood) DIY door? I’m leaning toward the same thing in our remodel and wonder how they have held up. Any premature signs of wear and tear, scratches, dings, etc on the primed, painted mdf? We have the old ikea melamine doors (not the greatest aesthetic) and with two kids under age five a sneaky dog, they’ve been amazing. I have to wonder how the mdf would hold up in my house. Thanks ever so much and glad you’re enjoying the new kitchen!

    • Hi Kris,
      Ha those sneaky dogs!! We have solid wood fronts, (except the inset part which are a composite) And they are holding up beautifully. Couldn’t be happier.

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  • We do not have a Farrow & Ball any where near where I live. I was looking up the comparisons to Behr paint colors and the website I was on stated that the color you used for the cabinet by Farrow & Ball is comparable to the color you used on the walls by Behr. Are they the same color white? Or do you see a difference?

    • And what is the finish of your handles? There are SO MANY brass options out there.

    • HI Jordan,
      Yes the farrow and ball is a warmer white. You can tell the difference but both are nice.

  • I love this kitchen and we’re looking at doing a very similar design. Would you mind sharing your IKEA floorplans with the dimensions?

    Your blog has been a major inspiration for our home remodels – thank you for the beautiful photos and the detailed product lists!


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  • Your kitchen is gorgeous. We are using ikea cabinets for our basement bar and will have real stone countertops. Did you reinforce the cabinets for the marble? Thank you!

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  • Hi Shescorts
    Can you tell me the finish of your Brizo faucet? Is it brushed bronze or copper?

  • so excited I found you! We have the same layout galley style kitchen in our 1960s home and looking for a solution to opening up but not losing the whole wall! Plus ous might be load bearing. We may have to leave wall behind stove too and i think it’ll work just fine. We just need to move fridge along wall to have it next to stove so we can open up that top half wall. Anyway, beautiful space! Thanks for sharing and taking the time to note sources.

  • Absolutely stunning!!!

  • Elizabeth

    what a beautiful transformation! I love it!

  • Hi Shescorts! Were in the process of remodeling our kitchen. I didn’t want to order pulls that looked too long or too short. Do you know what length yours are?

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  • AnnieKirkpatrick

    Great job! I love your lighting choices. Could you share the source for that cute little ceiling light with brass canopy? It is really unusual. Thank you!

    • Thanks Annie,
      All the lighting is from cedar and miss!

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  • Hi Shescorts, I saw that you did the estate eggshell finish for your cabinets? Do you mind sharing what finish you did for your walls? I am using Behr paint for my walls too and I love how yours look. And you use the same finish for your ceilings as well?

    • Hi Beth! Yes I did eggshell on the walls, flat on the ceiling and satin on trim! X

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  • Hi Shescorts,

    Beautiful kitchen! Mind sharing the source for the b/i microwave?



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  • I love the brushed brass hardware would like to do that in my kitchen but I’m not sure would like it to be pretty timeless it’s an old Victorian home thinking of a warm gray on cabinets would love your opinion

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  • Stacy Carter

    Hi Shescorts! I am just wondering what height your ceilings are please?

  • Stacy Carter

    O and also could you tell me the height of your upper presses please? Are they narrower (width) than standard sizes?

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  • Shescorts,
    How are you liking the built in microwave thus far? Does it work well or have you had any issues? Thinking about getting the same one. Any pointers are appreciated-thanks!

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  • What cabinet did you use for the microwave? thanks


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  • aussiebushgirl

    I’d definitely only tile up to the extractor – on both walls. To extend them to the ceiling means you will create a noticeable empty space above the wall opening. Extending them to the wall opening will mean you’re not leaving enough white wall space above the end of the tiles which, on the blank wall would look like you’re being a bit mean with the tiles! Ultimately you’re looking for balance in this space. ~ heather

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  • Hilary

    Are the cabinet pulls the brushed brass or polished brass?

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  • Danielle

    Wow, amazing. LOVE the colors with the hardware! You’ve inspired me to go with Ikea and painted custom doors. I have a question about the microwave. I love the look (and price), but am wondering, did you put a “large drawer” underneath it? It looks like the standard Ikea cabinet comes with a medium drawer, but the microwave seems small enough to merit a large drawer below. Was there some customization required to get the perfectly built in look?

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  • Gorgeous!!!! What are your thoughts on the marble? How is it holding up for you? In the process of planning a new kitchen and would LOVE marble but worried about the staining. Thoughts?

  • What type of brass are your hardware?

  • Nicole Koenigsberger

    so semi handmade has you kitchen posted as an example. did they fabricate your doors.
    I am a designer fro hawaii? I was planning to fly in to la to order something similar based on this example. But reading you blog,am I to understand these doors and these colors and not available?

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    • Hi Shescorts,
      Love this kitchen and reference it often! Can you tell me the size of your sink? Lovely!

  • Hey Shescorts,
    Love EVERYTHING you do! Such talent!!! Question did you use the 10.5″ Lews or the 7″ pulls on your drawers? Thank you!

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  • Hey Shescorts! I love everything you do! Such an inspiration. Question about your LEWS HARDWARE handles. Did you go with the 10.5 length? I am using the same in my kitchen and I can’t decide if I should use the 7″ or the larger.

    Thank you!

  • Your blog is the reason we are buying IKEA cabs and SemiHandmade doors and drawers! Thank you for showing me a way to get a fantastic looking kitchen at a much more reasonable price!!! We’re ordering DIY Shaker style like yours.

    Regarding SemiHandmade panels and toe kicks, are they predrilled or just pieces of 3/4″ MDF? I can get a 4×8 sheet of MDF from Home Depot or Lowe’s for $40 and cut them myself. The price from SM is several hundred–can I save the extra expense of shipping heavy MDF by simply purchasing on my own, or are they made to fit by SM? I am visualizing doing my own MDF end panels and back panel of our LARGE peninsula like yours, with the added 1×2 vertical pieces to hid the seams and tie in the look with the shaker doors. Mistake to do my own end and back panels, ordering only the drawer fronts and cabinet doors from SM?

    Thank you in advance!

    • They write that their mdf panels have 3 mil nosing on them, but since they’re oversized and trimmed to fit on-site, the nosing would have to be added back if needed after a cut. What is the nosing material? Do they simply put a piece of pine banding on so the edge of the MDF isn’t exposed, soaking up a ton of paint and looking different than the face?

      • Wondering this too!

        • You trim the side that goes against the wall and the counter so the edge banding stays in tact in front. Hope that answers your question!

          • Oh oops I only saw your second question Dave, also sorry I missed this before. I think the toe kicks are totally doable on your own. If you are handy in the wood shop I don’t see why you couldn’t do the panels yourself to match.

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  • Shescorts

    Hi Shescorts!
    My husband and I just bought a house and are doing a lot of renovations, kitchen next! I am so pleased to have stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest! Your kitchen is GORGEOUS! I know you linked your microwave in the post, just wondering the brand of the rest? I’m dying for the handles of the higher end appliances, just not at the cost of what I’ve found. Thanks!
    Shescorts L.

  • Your kitchen it amazing! What color did you paint the cabinets?

  • Sonya

    Beautiful! Can you tell me the color of the bottom cabinets? Is it Benjamin Moore? I have been searching your site and can’t find if you mentioned it. It’s the exact color and look I’m going for. Thanks!

    • sarah

      Hi hi! Thank you. The paint color is listed above. It’s pigeon by farrow & ball.

  • Ashley

    Hi Shescorts! I absolutely love following your beautiful work. My husband and I are building our dream home, and I have my heart set on marble. I have been advised countless times to avoid it due to the etching and staining… but, like you said in a previous post, the heart wants what it wants! Would you recommend marble counters in a kitchen after living with it for a while?

    Thank you from Michigan!

    • sarah

      Hi Ashley!
      Ok after living with them I would still do it all over again. I haven’t had any staining at all but the etching is for real. I freaked at the first ring that got etched into the surface from a punch bowl after a party and I used to be crazy about it but now I’m like, the more the merrier. You can only see the etching from certain angles and it really isn’t that big of a deal. It’s part of the kitchen, it’s like a patina that marks that I’ve been there and tells our story. If you want something that will look brand new always then I’d say stay away from it. But marble has been around forever and I still love love it in my kitchen.

      • Ashley

        Shescorts! Thank you a million times over for your reply. I was really hoping you were going to say you’d do it again! I appreciate the confidence booster!

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  • trending: kitchen fixtures. | Alice George's Blog

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  • Zarita de la Cerda

    Nice touch with the bronze cabinet handles on the white cabinets.

  • Jordan

    Hi Ashley!!

    Can you tell me the dimensions of your wall cabinets? I can’t decide between the 30″ height or the 40″.

  • Christina

    Hi Shescorts,

    Your kitchen is inspiring! Thank you for this wonderful post. I ed semihandmade and they don’t do panels for islands. I love what you did with yours and I would like to replicate it in my kitchen instead of using false doors. Would you mind telling me how you did that or who made the island panel for you? I’m in San Diego so I may be able to use the same person if possible. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide :)

  • Hypnotherapy Adelaide

    I love your kitchen, looks amazing. I am looking for designed to upgrade mine. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • G A Over

    Fantastic. I have 2 questions.
    Is the color of the walls the same as the ceiling?
    What is the size of the sink? Is it from Ikea?

  • Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen Inspiration - The Inspired Room

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  • Visiting my sister in California, looking through the GH June 2016 issue and I thought…wait a minute, I know this kitchen! I had to come back here and look at this whole post again. So pretty!

    • awe so fun! Thanks for the reminder I haven’t seen it yet, I gotta track one down. x

  • Green Kitchens - Claire Brody Designs

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  • […] going on in there. The neutral color palette with that gorgeous shade of green (so close to the green of my kitchen!), the laid back vibe and the big black built-in window seat bringing the drama. I wouldn’t […]

  • Before And After: 7 Amazing Kitchen Makeovers – Huffington Post

    […] This closed-off kitchen was gutted and transformed into an open, expanded space for both cooking and entertaining. Brass accents and marble countertops are only a couple of trendy touches in this kitchen renovation. […]

  • Candice

    What type of floors are these? The originals seem like maple, but the dark stain is so great. We have maple that we want to go dark with – any tips on doing so and not ending w a blotchy floor? Thanks!

    • Markita Seldon

      Hi there! Love your kitchen hardware. Could you tell me the length of your pulls? And the height of your upper cabinets (looks like 42″ high) also, what was your rational on using knobs on certain cabinets and pulls on others? It appears on the lowers where you had a drawer you used a Knob on the door and pulls on allof the uppers??? Thx!

  • candice L

    Hi Shescorts,

    Im looking into getting the Domsjo sink from IKEA and am wondering if you cut a round hole in the sink yourself for the dishwasher air gap since it only has one hole for the faucet or if you had someone do that for you?

    • Hi Candice,
      We did it ourselves. On the under side of the sink there are little round holes that are pre-drilled but just don’t go all the way through, so it’s easy to see where to do it.

  • Hi, Is your kitchen sink an Ikea Domsjo single bowl? DI’d you overmount yours so that the sink top meets the wall? I’d love to see more phots of your dink, where the dink/wall/marble countertop meet. Thanks so much!

  • A-frame Kitchen Plans & Progress | Bloggsom

    […] I first started planning out the kitchen I knew I wanted to use Semihandmade (again). I loved the whole process last time and being such a color freak I like being able to pick my […]

  • SO beautiful! Can you tell me if your pendants are 10″ or 12″ globes … Or greater diameter? Thank you!!

  • Garo Apelian

    Hello ! That is an amazing kitchen! I love those cabinet colors. What is the exact color of those cabinets, is it Benjamin Moore paint? (The greenish,grey ones)

  • Linda Blakely

    Just bought a country house in CT and am inspired by what you’ve done. It’s fab! Wondering about the cabinet color – Pigeon AND Wimborne White. Did you mix them to obtain your shade? I’ve got the F&B color chart in front of me and the Pigeon looks much darker than yours. If you did mix them, in what proportion?

    • Hi Linda, no I didn’t mix them. The top cabinets are wimborne white and the bottom are pigeon!

  • what size are the pulls ? 7″ or 10.5″? Thanks

  • Two Toned Kitchen Cabinet Trend

    […] Modern Kitchen with Brass Drawer Pulls | Shescorts Sherman Samuel – I would not have expected to love this green color but it looks rather nice in this space.  I don’t know how I feel with gold handles and stainless steel appliances together. What do you think about that? […]

  • Bjorn Terasniska

    Hi Shescorts.

    Do you have the ncs-number (farrow & Ball, Pigeon)
    Im building a house in Sweden and i would love to have that color in our kitchen.

  • Do you mind sharing what range you have / is it a 30 or 36 inch? Thanks!

    • It’s a 30″. I am not sure of the model. We kept the one that came with the house when we bought it.

  • Hi, can I ask where the mirror is from please? Haven’t been able to find one like this anywhere!


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  • Shescorts,

    Can you tell me the measurements of your ikea cabinets?

  • Very cool!I wanted to reach out to you and see if you would be willing to test out some of my glass etching craft supplies for free for feedback. Can you let me know if you are interested by email? These will be shipped directly to you at no cost. I am looking forward to your reply. I can’t wait to hear from you! Eric

  • LOVE!! I know you are getting so many questions, but do you know the height of the door fronts under your ikea sink? My guess is 12″ wide by 25″ high? Thank you SO much! I have the same sink and do not want to do the panel and single door that Ikea is suggesting. Love the look with just the doors! Thank you!

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  • Gorgeous handles!

  • Cheris Homchick

    Wow, this is my absolute dream kitchen! I work at a stone slab supplier in Seattle and we call it Calacatta Paonazzo. My favorite stone by far!! The black veins are to die for! I’m crossing my fingers we’ll still have the slabs by the time its my turn to remodel. Thanks for sharing Shescorts! Your cabinet color and knobs look awesome with the pendants you chose!

  • […] giving the look of a more custom kitchen for much less than a true custom kitchen (see them in our house here and soon to be in our A-frame here), then a slab hunting we went. We slab shopped all over town and […]

  • Hi, beautiful kitchen! i am remodeling my kitchen and using the same hardware. Can you tell me the dimensions of the pulls you used on your upper cabinets and drawers? thanks!

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  • […] and drawer fronts for our A-frame kitchen. I love their DIY options (which we also used in our LA kitchen) because they come unfinished and ready for paint which means you get to pick any color your hearts […]

  • Hi, your home is so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!! Are your white wall cabinets the standard 30 inch tall ones from Ikea? They look taller and more elegant in the photos. Thanks!!

  • Love your kitchen design, especially the two colors of the uppers and lowers!

  • Herry Hermawan

    Beautiful kitchen, with white and gray make the kitchen became more bright and clean. Fabulous job!!!

  • No More Cookie Cutter: 5 Ways to Customize Your Kitchen — Apartment Therapy | Caribbean Blogz

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  • Sophie Tuleburg

    I love the wood stools — where do they come from?

  • Meet My New Place: Chateaulando! – Hommemaker

    […] Fellow-designer Shescorts Sherman Samuel also used Semi Handmade for her kitchen, and I’m basically doing the same style as hers. I wanted the kitchen renovation to be more in keeping with the style of the building (unlike the 1960s update that existed when I moved in). The upper cabinets are going to be white and the lower cabinets are going to be light grey. AND I WILL FINALLY BE ABLE TO WALK INTO THE KITCHEN AND GET A GODDAMN GLASS OF WATER AFTER THREE MONTHS OF WASHING MY DISHES IN THE BATHROOM SINK LIKE AN ACTUAL HOBO. […]

  • I really really love your kitchen! Your loving care and attention to detail really show!. Can you tell me more about the marble backsplash, its source, and the size of the slabs or tiles? I’m particularly interested in whether it’s marble or porcelain made to look like marble. We are renovating and I am looking at Ann Sacks porcelain tiles that look like marble (because I”m on a budget) … just hesitant to make that leap! Thanks so much for sharing with everyone!

  • Retro Kitchen Ideas - Decoholic

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  • Christina Cruz

    Hi! I have a question about your kitchen, it turned out beautiful! I am in the process of renovating mine and I would love to have quartzite incorporated into the kitchen, but stone slabs are costly (i checked out the stone row in Vanuys!) Is it too many trends or different shades of white if I have the below elements. I would hate for it to be a hot trend mess!
    – Countertops: Prefabricated White
    – Upper cabinets: White
    – Lower cabinets: light gray
    – long subway tile with gray grout (Herringbone layout)
    -Island: Quartzite stone: White Macaubus or Luna
    – hardware brass

  • Hi, how has the Farrow and Ball paint held up over time?


  • Green Kitchen Designs - Decoholic

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  • […] Cedar & Moss fixtures. When Michelle first launched her line, I used her Alto Pendants in our kitchen renovation and have become a loyal Cedar & Moss fan from then on. What started as a one woman show has […]

  • Decoracion

    I love this before & after! Thanks for sharing :-)

  • The Black & White Abode Part 6: The Kitchen | The Havenly Blog

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  • Michelle Kaminer

    Hi Shescorts,
    I love your galley kitchen. I am renovating my galley kitchen and struggling with refrigerator placement and entryway openings. Did you use a counter depth fridge?What was the reason for the partition between the fridge and stove? Lastly, your entryway to the kitchen does not have a casing around the entry–the wall extends all the way to the ceiling. I have thought about doing this before. What are the advantages? Any advice would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. And again, your kitchen is beautiful.

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  • Kitchen Reno Inspiration – Grace & Valiant

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  • Hi Shescorts,

    I LOVE this kitchen! You did a great job. Curious, where is your refrigerator from? It looks like the Summit 27.25 inch wide, if so, how do you like it? I’m renovating my tiny kitchen and debating about a smaller refrigerator. Do you have any comments? Unfortunately, I’m in an area that doesn’t carry it anywhere for me to see in person. let me know if you can and Thanks a million.

  • Poulin Design Center

    I love all these kitchens, you have really set out the fundamental concepts of good kitchen style.

  • North East Factory Direct

    Kitchen design is the most desirable activities by any home-owner. The information you have shared is very informative.

  • Furniture Store Denver

     you really did a beautiful job! I love how bright & fresh everything looks. What an improvement. thanks for sharing with us

  • North East Factory Direct

    Your kitchen looks wonderful! I know you are so proud of it! :)

  • Hi Shescorts! Love your kitchen so much, it has become my source for my kitchen renovation…curious what you decided to do about the walls surrounding your stove: can we see an update on that? What tiles and style did you go with?
    I ask because I’m planning a full wall of tiles behind my stove, and would love to know what you did ;-)


  • also, what built-in microwave do you have? i’ve been searching and searching and can’t find this one.

  • Our House: Kitchen Renovation / See & Savour

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  • i love this! i would also love to replicate it- wondering if anyone has had luck replicating.

    question: where is the wood door from? we have a small door in our kitchen that needs replacing when we do it.

  • Shescorts

    Stunning! Where did you find your dimimg room chairs?

  • jessica

    Hi Shescorts! My husband and I are both in love with your kitchen – we’re actually in the middle of installing an IKEA kitchen as we speak in our 1940s home. Needless to say we’ve found lots of unexpected things along the way during our renovation :)

    I am wondering if you have any tips for installing the trim on the upper cabinets? Ours will go from the cabinets to the ceiling, just like yours.

    Thank you!

  • Hey Shescorts!
    I love your style – thanks for all the house ispo.
    Just wondering, for the knobs in your kitchen did you used the brushed brass or polished?


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  • Love your work how did you refinish your cabinets? I want to try… love the color too

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  • Laura Vitto

    Truly beautiful! Love everything – from your new kitchen,You did an amazing job. thanks for sharing with us

  • How do you like your range hood? We’re thinking about getting the same one.

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  • Hello,

    I was wondering about size of your kitchen drawers. Was is a standard ikea size with semihadmade front or you customized the size of the drawers?

    thank you!

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  • I love so many things about your kitchen! Farmhouse sink, gold accents, two-tone cabinets… a lot of features I want in my dream kitchen, thanks for sharing!

  • […] We got both the hardware and the doors from Rejuvenation. The shaker style of the doors matches our shaker kitchen cabinets perfectly which is just on the other side of the room so it was a no brainer. We installed them […]

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  • House basement

    Kitchen is really beautiful.

  • Home Trends for 2018 in Design and Decor - Setting for Four

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  • 9 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look More Expensive | Title Security's Blog

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  • Elanthendral

    Thanks For Your valuable posting, it was very informative.I am working in Commercial Interiors in chennai

  • Hey Guys, my wife and I love what you did here!! We have actually remodeled our kitchen off these! We are running into a hiccup with the trim of the uppers… could you tell me what you did and send a picture or two? It would be really helpful. Thank you!

  • The Year’s Hottest Home Color Trend: How to Style with Sage! – This Fashion

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  • I was wondering what size your sink is and what cabinet you picked? I have been looking for it on IKEA’s web site but can only find a pull out drawer underneath a single bowl sin. All IKEA single bowl sink cabinets are listed as 24″ but none have the double door design like yours (except for the 36″ sink cabinets). Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Cary,

      I saw that the one we installed in our kitchen is currently unavailable. I would keep checking back on their website or there’s a lot of other affordable wide sink options out there that are very similar!

  • Zeel Kitchen Designs

    This kind of transformation is superb and unrealistic! It look so good and beautiful! I was totally amazed on how you have remodel it into a masterpiece. So glad I found your blog, it inspires me.

  • julia blackwell

    Hi Shescorts! I have a small kitchen that we are working on designing our remodel and I am wanting to open up half the wall just as you have. I’m curious why you chose to keep the wall up at the end of the cabinets on the bar side- rather than eliminating that wall. Did you need the supporting wall, or just for the design did you like it? Hope to hear back!! Thanks!

  • Jessica

    I am in love with your cabinets, and because of your gorgeous kitchen, hopefully using the same color…but I am wondering – how has the pain held up over the years to the wear and tear that a kitchen gets? I cook a lot, and have small children, so I am nervous that my brand new beautiful kitchen is will get scratched, work and beat up fast!

  • 5 of Our All-Time Favorite IKEA Kitchens -

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