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The last room of the house to get any kind of love is the laundry room. Poor, poor laundry rooms. Even though we started from the ground up with ours, it has been a plain white box with a washer, dryer, and a collection of crap that slowly grew over the last year or so. Even when I was searching on for pretty laundry rooms I came up fairly empty handed (with the exception of ). Our laundry room opens up right into the kitchen… so I’m looking to make it a special space that looks like the rest of the house, instead of what has been incredibly mundane.

First things first… . Ellie Cashman, created the gorgeous jumbo sized floral wallpaper and the colors are just like woah. You may have seen , that it recently went up. I couldn’t wait to share. My inspiration board is above and now the rest of the plans are to… unstack the washer and dryer, put some sort of countertop over it, build some shelves, find some hanging storage (those hooks are to die for but $$$), and create some closed storage.

It is hard matching the functionality and reality of what a laundry room is with a stunning space but dang it, I’m going to try.

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  • I can’t wait to see what you do here. I love your style.

  • Hi Shescorts! It’s all gorgeous. I love the collection of Cedar & Moss lighting you are assembling. I also love the Turkisg towels you posted, and wonder if you can recommend hand towels? I never know how to compliment the unique style of the Turkish towel with a smaller hand or face towel. I’d love your input. Thank you!

  • Laundry rooms are tricky but there’s so much potential for beauty and utility. Good luck, I’m sure it’ll turn out to be a little of both.

  • This post guts me. We just moved into a fixer upper Victorian and I begged for second floor laundry and had visions of a side-by-side using an Ikea butcher block as the counter top and cheapo peel and stick white subway tile behind it, and it was going to be gorgeous. Then my husband found a closet in the house that abutted the old chimney (so he can use it has a chase) that was the exact dimensions to fit a stackable…. sob, sob, So please make this super pretty so at least someone gets their way. ha ha

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