laundry room tour, before & after

Things are moving and shaking over at our A-frame cabin. We jetted over there last week to check on our new roof (!) and I shot the finished laundry room while we were at it. It’s the only space that is complete. It’s kind of a funny place to start, but renovations are full of surprises and hey, it feels so good to have one room in the bag. When we bought the place, the washer and dryer were broken and full of standing water, which was just one of the fun surprises we happened on. I worked with to give this room an overhaul and get it back into a functional place to care for our clothes and linens. Just wait until you see the before photo!

Well here she was in all it’s beaded curtain, mural painted, non-functioning glory. It’s a fun coincidence that there happens to be a ladder in the exact same spot in the before and after photo. It is not a fun coincidence that I am making a ridic face while taking the photo and there is a large mirror to capture it all, but I digress.

The first thing we did was gut the place, flooring, shelving, old machines, cabinets… they all went.

Who knew mold could grow in the desert?! Well it can, and behind the mirror was the place of choice. After a complete gut job, we put the space back together with new walls, new flooring (this wood-look tile), and new paint. Then I made some plans and got to work…

I wallpapered (I used one of my own designs and had it printed), put together some new Ikea cabinets, hung a shelf, had our new Electrolux and installed, and finished a piece of plywood for a countertop. I used a high quality birch plywood and coated it with polyeurathane to seal it.

I couldn’t be happier with the result and how we transformed the room, making it a little brighter and a lot more me.

And the Electrolux has been amazing. Archie the toddler loves to stain my clothes, but the SmartBoost technology helps to keep my colors vibrant and stain free.

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and by Electrolux // // Ladder is a DIY (see how to make on here) // // Hat is vintage // Baskets are a DIY (post coming soon!) // Wallpaper is custom by Shescorts Sherman Samuel // Cabinets are from //  // shelf brackets from Ikea


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