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If you’ve been following along my , you know I have had my mind on exteriors since we have been working on ours at our #samuelfamilyfixer this week. So while I have been sharing the Mandy Moore project tours here, I couldn’t help but jump to her homes’ exterior. I sure do miss having this magical place as a job site.

I wasn’t involved with the exterior design, other than a few supportive oohs and aahs, so together we can ogle at the work  did with .

Can you handle these views and that incredible poolside furniture? Here is a bit about the site from .

Progressive landscape architects Terremoto brought rigor and drama to the exterior environment. They gave the property the well-composed entry sequence it deserves, and an inspired view from every vantage point thereafter.  I worked closely with them to capitalize on all possible indoor-outdoor connections.  They added amenities to the site including an entry court fountain, a fire pit, and beautifully detailed outdoor benches.”  

And about that outdoor kitchen, also from Architect …

“We collaborated with on a pool-side entertaining pergola including an outdoor kitchen and dining area overlooking the pool and mountain views beyond.  We chose for the kitchen.  They have a great minimalist drop-in outdoor grill as well as a pretty stainless-steel under-counter ice machine and refrigerator.  During the design phase , Terremoto and I realized that all have the same favorite engineer – Craig Phillips.  We asked for only 4 columns on our pergola and Craig obliged by pre-cambering the support beams to achieve the impressive long span.”     

For the furnishings, Emily noted that she looked to Terremoto’s raw aesthetic for inspiration.  She selected pieces that had elemental geometry and a sculptural quality and turned to some of her favorites brands, , , DWR and . Outdoor furniture can easily get clunky and I am always on the look out for pieces that don’t scream “hey look at me, I’m outdoor furniture!”. Emily nailed it with every single piece. They are sculptural as well as functional and complement the architecture so well. 

Shop the Look:  //  //  //

Now onto the before and afters…




The most important thing they did (in my opinion) was bring back the original terraced look of the eaves. At some point someone replaced them with flat stucco (shown in the first photo of the series) and I know they hoped that the original was still hidden underneath but on further inspection it was not. Emily worked with the contractors to completely re-build them, replicating the original design.







Stunning transformation don’t you think?!

Interior Architecture by 
Interior Design by Shescorts Sherman Samuel
Landscape Architecture by 
Photography by  
Built by  and 

See all of the progress and tours of our Mandy Moore Residential project here. 

  • Wow wow wow.

    I can’t believe someone replaced the terraced eaves but what a feat to rebuild them to the original look. I do miss the brick that was used in the old patio area to match the rest of the house but on the whole this is absolutely beautiful and so respectful of the original landscape design that was meant for this house.

  • Kelli Hillard

    The transition between the exterior and indoor design is seamless. Stunningly beautiful in every way. And I’m a fan of the outdoor benches. You must add one to your Michigan entry!

  • Shescorts

    Do you have a source for the lights in the outdoor dining area? They are perfection.

  • Attempting to pick up jaw off floor now.


  • That span of the pergola is AMAZING! Everything is subtly detailed in proportion & material and the end effect is so cool and on point!

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