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You may have seen around that I’ve been putting some finishing touches in our master bathroom. After living with it for a couple years, I’ve finally added in the little details that made it feel complete. You wouldn’t think it would take much in a bathroom but even small changes like switching out the pendant lights or additions like a rug and some pretty towels, can make a big difference. 

Along with the room’s aesthetic, water conservation is also important to us, especially since we are in major drought over here in California. I recently partnered with to install the world’s most efficient toilet, also known as . It uses only 0.8 gallons per flush while most new toilets use around 1.6 and older ones can be wasting 3+ gallons per flush!

is the first ultra-high-efficiency toilet. There is also no flapper, which can often be a source of leakage and water waste, so it will be saving water from here on out. I’ve hardly noticed a difference from our previous loo, aside from the fact that it is a lot quieter and the design fits right in with the rest of the space. Also, you may even be able to get a rebate from the water supplier just for installing it – see if you qualify .

Our bathroom used to be a bedroom when we first moved in (you’ll see in the before & afters below). Where the toilet and shower is now, was the bedroom’s closet. When we were adding on square footage we didn’t want it to look like a huge out of place addition so we kept the master bedroom and bathroom relatively small to scale with the rest of the house. To make the space feel bigger, I went with a glass walled shower, a floating vanity (which is a vintage credenza that I repurposed as a vanity), a monochromatic palette and finally I had a huge mirror custom made (mirrors are magic in small spaces).

I ended up swapping the dark pendants for a . I liked the contrast before but a wise lady once told me switching out lighting is like changing out the jewelry for the house and I have to agree. It is nice rotating in new pieces and moving fixtures from room to room if you can. For some reason it seems like a big deal but in actuality it is such a simple task. I spend more time drying my hair then it does to swap out a light fixture.

The warms the space up and I added hooks for towels and/or robes. That schefflera plant is loving life in the corner. There is something about greenery in the bathroom that is so nice. Well really greenery in every room… but again, sometimes it is easy to forget about bringing details like that into the bathroom.

And a couple before and after’s…

Here you are looking at the same corner but at just a slightly different angle. The closet is now the shower and that window in both photos is the same window!

 This one is more self explanatory… same wall, shot at the same angle.

So there you have it… a tiny bedroom turned bathroom! See all the renovation process here and read up on how you can reduce your water waste at

This post was created in partnership with .


// Ladder is a DIY (find it here) // Vanity (vintage credenza turned vanity // // // // // //  //  //  //   //  //  //  Mirror & Shower Enclosure, custom made

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