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HP might have just launched the that has ever graced this earth. Matte black and copper! Need I say more? In honor of the debut they invited me to design a workspace, inspired by the sleek obsession-worthy laptop, and I said…. um, yes please!

Copper has already been all over my radar, I have been and collecting copper pieces here and there for my home and office so when I got the first glance and the new Spectre it got really excited to create a copper accented workstation to match. Above is the design board I pulled together to set the tone. I’m calling it Minimal Modern Luxe. with its’ curved seat juxtaposed with its’ straight lines go hand in hand with the laptop’s curved hinges and the matte black accent wall lays the foundation for the copper accents to pop just like on the Spectre.

To get the luxe look without spending a fortune, I splurged on some pieces like the chair, and saved on others, by doing an ikea hack desk, for example. The was gorgeous and all but instead I took this basic Ikea desk, and wrapped the top with , to up the table’s glam game.

And there you have it, a workspace fit for the design (and copper) obsessed to match the laptop of my dreams. Check out the to see how they teamed up with artists to create two limited edition versions (one is plated in 18K gold!!).

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