Modern bold nursery – 2 ways

The white flooring in our studio has seen much better days and when  reached out about partnering up to get the word out about their brand new line of  laminate flooring at Lowe’s, I jumped at the chance to be able to bring it into the studio. I love the wide planks (almost 7.5″ wide) and with twice as many unique plank designs compared to most laminate flooring, and its’ deep embossed texture, you get the look of real wood floors the scratch resistance, durability and ease of installation benefits of a long lasting laminate floor.

While I have baby on the brain, I started thinking about the first shoot I could do with the new flooring and after such a positive response on nursery designs I wanted to share how I used the beautiful flooring with subtle grey and white tones and a distinctive oak grain (  to be exact) to anchor a modern bold nursery and how to do it two ways! One with a bold stroke of color and one with just a touch. Same palette, two ways.

But first let’s take a look at the before…


Previously we had an epoxy white floor which over the years has gotten scraped and stained and while we could re-surface it, I was looking to switch it out with something low maintenance and that brings more of the outdoors in.


The flooring laid the perfect foundation with the large wood-look planks you see in modern homes. They are so realistic it’s hard to tell the difference between the and authentic hardwood. When designing a nursery, I like to bring textural elements from nature into the room with plants, wood, sheepskin etc.

For this set up we used my bold graphic wallpaper, but added a bit of green with the chair and plant, and included small touches of pink. The natural wood crib warms  up all the cool colors. This look is great for people who are going for a monochromatic look which inherently creates a very modern vibe. By adding the green and small touches of limited color it keeps it from looking too stark.

For the next set up, I added even more color for an extra bold but still inspired by nature look. Let’s take a peek again at some “befores” of the flooring.




Here, the green marble wallpaper on the walls, some graphic geometric DIY art, and a stark white crib, create an even more bold space but with limiting the palette it’s still not overwhelming. The white rocker and metallic accents keep it modern and a vintage rocking horse adds just the touch of warmth I think every space needs.

Thank you to Pergo for supplying the flooring for this post and thank you guys for supporting our sponsors.

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  • A beautiful interior indeed, very stylish and modern. I love the wallpaper, it looks great when combined with furniture of your choice. Monochromes are a favourite of mine in art and interiors. It’s so important to make a child’s room cozy and pleasant to an eye, but also protected from noise and warmth keeping. I like interior doors at , they have this cool thing, SmartCore filling. It’s great for keeping a room quiet!

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