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 I get a lot from my mama, my hands are almost an exact replica, my thick hair (thanks mom), my faith, my creativity… the list is long and on that list are elements of my style. In honor of Mother’s day Who What Wear and teamed .

One thing is for sure, and that is, as a mother, I find myself opting for simplicity in my wardrobe. You might remember from my last style post, my love for dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers, because one piece can make a whole outfit. Well that too comes from my mom. She instilled the value of “less is more” by keeping things simple without going overboard on too many pieces or accessories. If she did wear a statement piece (like a print dress or a bold jewelry choice) she would let it breathe by keeping the rest of the look clean or neutral and I look for structured pieces and interesting shapes, clothing with an architectural quality to them, so that the one piece doesn’t feel too basic. In such contrast to my day to day jeans and a tee, I instantly feel put together when slipping into something with a unique silhouette and being a busy mom, instant equals easy, so those interesting pieces have become my BFF.

When it comes to jewelry I’ve been on a bracelet kick lately. If one is a bold design on its’ own, like the , I wear it alone, but stacking up a variety of styles (like I did with the black skirt/white top) can give a nice amount of interest to an otherwise basic look.

 Growing up, my mom had a massive closet that housed looks from decades earlier. She would swear the trends would come back around and of course they always did. I remember spending so much time playing dress up in her room, pulling out dresses from the 60’s and 70’s and standing in front of the mirror, trying to picture myself in her shoes, while I was literally in her shoes.

I am currently on the hunt for the perfect pair of culottes that I remember her wearing in my childhood (hers were hot pink!). In the meantime I have been wearing the heck out of that has the same silhouette.

 When I think of my mother’s style growing up I remember cork wedges, a wrap dress in a fun print, and those pink culottes. Her style has always been chic but contemporary. That’s why this Mother’s Day I’ll be gifting her the , the pearl and pave crystals are so chic but the graphic V shape is the unexpected element that has her name all over it.

My personal favorite is the , because it adds a touch of glamour without trying too hard and sets a stunning foundation for a layered bangle stack. And so my bracelet collecting continues…

This Mother’s Day share a story and a photo on social using #FromMomwithLove and #Swarovski that illustrates a specific piece (accessory, fashion item, etc.) from your mom that you layer with your favorite Swarovski piece to create a look that’s all you.

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  • No pics of your mom to share?

    • There is a photo of her holding me as a baby up top. She lives in Michigan along with all of her old photos so unfortunately I don’t have many!!

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