my style: jeans, stripes, & a graphic tee

stripes & graphic tee // smitten studiostripes & graphic tee // smitten studiostripes & graphic tee // smitten studioIf you follow me on you might remember from my  and an . As soon as I laid my pattern loving eyes on it, I had to make it mine and have been wearing the heck out of it ever since.

// // // // (old)

  • fantastic jacket!

  • You always look so great. And stylish!
    Random body question. Have you always been slim? How do you maintain it?

  • LOVE this outfit. That jacket needs to make its way into my clsoet immediately

  • Hi Emma,
    Thank you! and yea I have always been thin, (so much so that when I was a kid I would get really teased for being too skinny). Anyway, I got my dad’s body type (he is 6,3″ with long scrawny legs). I do eat pretty healthy because it is so easy to here in California but I don’t really pay much attention to it. I’d happily put on about 5-10 pounds, especially if I could choose where it went. ;) Is that a weird answer? I also used to be a competitive cross country runner, but those days have been long gone.

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