November in review

When I was pulling all my November together I realized that this was the very first month of the year that I didn’t travel anywhere! I knew I was traveling a lot but didn’t realize how much until seeing an entire month at home. Although that’s not to say it wasn’t an eventful month… we had my sister and her family in town for thanksgiving, I left my full-time position at Greenroom, attended our first holiday party ( are always a good time), and put some work into getting my home studio ready for some more frequent use (which I shared photos of and a bit about my creative journey on ).

Meanwhile, back at the cabin my parents got to watch a couple coyotes feeding right on the beach in front. I also shared a few before &  after shots of the cabin on .

Images from my feed (i’m )

  • I just found your space on the net and I love it! I’ve been cruising around your archives and look forward to seeing more of your cabin reno:)

    • Thank you Michele. I’m hoping to get back to the cabin this month. Hopefully it isn’t too snowy to get back there!

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