Nursery Design 2.0

You’re probably thinking, that looks nothing like a nursery and you are right because this was/is our family room/Archie’s playroom. We have a two bedroom house (i.e. small) and sleep is VERY important to me so I am not into the toddler sharing a room with a baby thing so we are planning to convert this “bonus room” into a nursery.


If you follow me on you might have seen some of the work already being done through my stories. So far we wallpapered a wall, sold that sofa, and the nursery furniture has started rolling in. I am planning to make the space where the TV is into a changing table, use the storage beneath for clothes and diapers and things, add a daybed, black out curtains and a crib and rocker. This room also opens up into the living room with a 6 foot open passageway so we are planning to add some sliding barn doors so that we can close the space off into it’s own room.

And now for the fun part, the design board of what will be going into the space…

With the flow of our house, this nursery will be front and center and with the barn doors open it will still feel very much like part of the main living space so I want to keep it neutral and both kid and parent friendly (which I would plan to do either way but now it feels even more important). Basically I don’t want it to look too far off of the rest of the house. The is a big statement that has such a pretty color palette, I will be keeping the rest of the space neutral.

I knew I wanted to find a rattan daybed so that we can tag team sleeping in there while baby girl is a newbie (like we did for Archie) because a daybed still feels like a piece of furniture that can go in a living room and not scream bedroom. The one pictures above was from Urban Outfitters and there is also a but I found mine, a vintage French daybed, from a go-to vintage shop, . She has some unique stunning options that are always coming in like

I also knew I wanted a green rocker and how beautiful is  (“forest” in worn velvet)? Those two pieces were my starting points and I built the rest of the room from there.

, as usual, was a big help to rounding out the room with the , & accessories, and etc. I also found an on Wayfair (I have been IG storying the process of building it over the last couple days), which I will be posting about in a separate post, to give Archie a place to play since we are turning his current playroom into baby girl’s room.

I can’t wait to see how this will all come together in the end and here is hoping baby girl will grow to love it too.

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