nursery progress & ikea hack DIY

ikea hack - mint dresser- nursery // ShescortsLast week you might have caught a glimpse at the one wall of the nursery that is finished, over on Mother Mag and I wanted to give you a better look, and share what I did with my dresser issue. It is a simple Ikea hack you’ve seen done a thousand times, but the most important detail is often overlooked. You just have got to do something about those legs!

tarva dresser, DIY ikea hackYou may remember on the dresser I re-worked for the cabin I cut the legs shorter. Well, for this one I kept the length the same but cut them at an angle to create a more elegant profile. It is just one small detail, but it doesn’t cost a thing to do, and it changes the look of the dresser dramatically.

nursery-ikea-hack2ikea hack - mint dresser- nursery // Shescortsnursery-ikea-hack4

get the rest of the DIY details and sources after the jump…

Supplies needed:

Orbital Sander (or sandpaper and A LOT of elbow grease)
Paint (we used Farrow & Ball, Theresa’s Green in Gloss)
Nail Hole Filler (we used this one)
We used this HVLP sprayer and an air compressor to spray on the paint for a super smooth finish
Chop Saw

ikea-hack-leg-profileFirst thing we did was fully assemble the dresser, then we sanded down the piece and primed it. Secondly, with the legs on, I marked with a pencil where I wanted the cut lines and put an X on the side that will be waste (this reduces confusion once the legs are loose and they all look the same). After the lines were marked I took the legs off, cut them down with a chop saw and then put them back on.

ikea-hack-spray-paintingBefore painting, we had to fill the holes in the drawer fronts that come pre-drilled for the handles, as our bar pulls didn’t fit the same measurements. We used this filler and then sanded it smooth when it was dry.

Rupe was a bit nervous about using the paint sprayer for the first time but, with me being pregnant, I didn’t want to get involved and handed off my usual painting duties to him and he aced it! I have to say the sprayers are way easier to use than they look, and the finish turns out SO MUCH BETTER, I have become an addict. Finally, we let everything dry outside and then put on the new hardware and filled it with cute onsies and all things baby.

ikea hack - mint dresser- nursery // ShescortsWe also plan on attaching a changing pad to the top of the dresser to make this our changing station. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and that soft minty color against my cloud wallpaper feels like just the right amount of whimsy.

What do you think? Please share if you guys have done any ikea hacks. I can never get enough!

Dresser from Ikea // Paint color Theresa’s Green by Farrow & Ball // Brass Drawer Pulls by Lewis Dolin (14″ Center) // Cloud Wallpaper (I had custom made with my own pattern) // Mirrors from Wayfair  // Rock Lamp from Land of Nod // Plush Raccoon and Fox by Walnut Animal Society // Rug by Frances Loom // Wooden Blocks (made by my dad)

Images by Shescorts Sherman Samuel 

  • patrice

    Wow. What a beautiful hack. And a beautiful room. And a lucky baby! I’m doing my first (extremely simple) IKEA hack this weekend. I’m going to change the knobs on the IKEA Hemnes 3-drawer chest. I have to build up my confidence to do bigger projects like you :).

  • Mathilde

    This is très chic.

  • Jen Chu

    You’re SO right! It’s all about the legs. Your hack just elevated the piece by 200%

  • This is amazing! That color is so great with your wallpaper. Enjoy your babe and congrats :)

  • Julia | Chris Loves Julia

    We hacked a Tarva for our nursery, too! In a very similar color.

    But I absolutely love the idea of those angled legs. Something to remember for sure.

  • Turned out great! And those h animals are so cute! Love the non-screaming colour palate for baby toys.

  • kristin | W [H] A T C H

    this is the best ikea hack i’ve seen in a long time. gorgeous color too.

  • This is amazing. Thank you for always generously sharing your ideas with us less creative folk : ) Congrats on your sweet baby boy!

  • Monika

    Your Ikea hacks are the best! x

  • Shaila

    I LOVE THIS! I saw on your Instagram that it’s in use as a changing table, as noted you were going to do. How is that working out? I saw the Ikea specs that it’s less than 16″ deep, so I’m wondering what you did for a changing pad and if it feels wide enough? Most of them out there are at least 16″ wide. Thank you!

    • Jennifer

      I was wondering the same thing. Did you end up using this dresser for your changing table? Did the pad fit?

  • Kristina

    soooooooo cute, Shescorts!!

  • Soyoung

    Gorgeous hack! The dresser (and really everything about the nursery) is beautiful. Congratulations on your new arrival!

  • brittanyMakes

    it’s crazy how just altering the legs turns it into a completely different dresser! and i’m with everyone else, your hacks are the best hacks! my latest Ikea hac was this guy

  • Heather

    You are the best!! This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  • Breanna

    Beautiful little baby room vignette! I am also doing a slightly deeper mint green on my dresser/change table! I’m looking forward to seeing how you decide to attach the change pad as I’m trying to figure it out myself :)

  • Lorena | na sua lua

    This is amazingly beautiful, love it! Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m interested in buying a sprayer but am totally overwhelmed at which to buy…can you please share some info about your sprayer and air compressor, please? Many thanks! The dresser is just AWESOME!

  • Amalia

    The nursery and new bathroom look SO beautiful! Well done-this is why I keep coming back to your site. You are so talented and share the best wee money saving diy’s and shopping tips :)

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  • Jenn Elliott Blake

    Brilliant as always lady! Just genius.

  • Shescorts – That is so beautiful. I love reading about your renovations because you make them seem so attainable for people like me! Quick question with regard to painting ikea furniture . . . do you only paint the exterior of the pieces or do you also paint interiors/drawers? If you don’t paint the interiors how do you keep paint from getting splattered in there or do you even care?

  • Christa

    Gorgeous! Love the color, the pulls and the DIY in general!


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  • Amanda @ A.Co est. 1984

    This just looks AMAZING!! Another awesome DIY/Ikea hack! You guys are so good–it turned out so well and I love the wallpaper and décor items you put on top.

  • Kristen

    Hi There! I love the wallpaper! Is there any way I could get some? Who made it for you?

  • Chelsea

    It turned out fantastic! I love this sweet little space and the hack is spot-on.

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  • Maggie | The Spiffy Company

    SO GOOD!! You would NEVER guess that this began as an IKEA dresser…but I suppose that’s the point, huh? ;)

    Seriously, so gorgeous! Amazing job!

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  • you are a genius! i was wondering if you were going to buy that $1500+ dresser on wayfair but this is so much better. totally love it.

  • Georgia B.

    very impressed!! beautiful dresser. super sweet nursery.

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  • We’re doing the same thing. But can you tell me what changing pad you found that is small enough to fit??? Pretty Please!

    • Hi Anne,
      I used the standard changing pad and secured it to the back of the dresser. It hangs off the back .5″ but you don’t notice it at all because the dresser is pulled away from the wall that far to accommodate for a plug that is behind it. The pad sits flush with the dresser in the front. Hope that helps!

  • Shescorts-
    I’m wanting to make custom wallpaper for my friends nursery…could you share who you used to make yours?


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  • Erin @ whalingcitycottage

    This is flippin genius! So elegant and pretty.

  • Heather

    This is gorgeous!

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  • Effie

    This is such a beautiful room! I love it. Such a great inspiration for our baby boy’s nursery. Thanks for sharing.

  • Chelsea

    Hi there,

    I’m interested in doing this with my tarva, but I haven’t figured out what to do with the middle leg that holds the rails for the drawers. What did you do with yours?

    • sarah

      Hi Chelsea! I painted mine dark brown (the same color as the floor) so it would blend in and kind of disappear.

  • Hi there, I LOVE this but do you feel like the legs are less strong now that they are skinnier? I’m thinking about doing this with an Ikea Hemnes. Thanks!

    • sarah

      Hi Katy, thanks and not at all! The point between the legs and the dresser is still the full size so I don’t think it compromised the strength of the dresser. Good luck with your hack. x

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  • magny

    Oh my, this is a fantastic idea! Beautiful, unique.
    Great idea!

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  • Maggie Call

    This is amazing! I love how it turned out. Can I ask how much you measured to take off the legs? Thanks so much!

  • Gorgeous. . Can you share where you got the circle mirrors above the dresser?

  • dod you measure the angle for the cut or just eyeball it? Curious to know which angle you used.

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  • Raumideen

    Oh, I love it, it’s so gorgeous!

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  • Hi Shescorts,

    Looking to do our own hack of this dresser, and I noticed that the link for the Euro Pulls takes me to a 15″ center option, whereas you have stated you used 14″. Just looking to see what kind of bars I should purchase!


    • Kaycee

      I was wondering the same thing. The link says they are 15″ pulls.

  • Such a beautiful hack! I love the bar pulls x

  • Question about the paint: Did you put a gloss over the paint? Could I use regular paint for walls (example:BEHR)?

  • Also for the paint sprayer….do you think something like this Campbell Hausfeld 6.5-in Air Sprayer would work?

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  • Great great great! I was wondering how big the difference of the end result was between this 6 drawer Tarva, and your vertical 5 drawer Tarva was — — in terms of the sanding and primer used on each. I think I recall you only lightly sanded and used a paint/primer combo for the white one. But here you used an electric sander and stronger primer. This is my first dresser hack, and the more shortcuts the better for a newbie like me :) Suggestions? And how tough it is to line up those drawer pulls to a perfect level line? Thanks!

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  • Morgan

    Love the dresser, but those little mirrors are too sweet… Where are they from ?!

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  • Marylynn

    I love the blocks. Where are they from?


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  • Hi Shescorts- I was going to follow this painting method, but that particular sprayer says it can’t be used with latex paint… Is the farrow and ball that you used oil based? Thanks!

  • Julie

    Hi there,

    Are you able to break down the costs for this hack?

    I am coming up close to $500 with just costs of dresser, the 6 pulls and the paint. I am imagine the other supplies could come in at a total of $200-$300. In the end would one spend about $800 on doing this hack? Seems to be a lot of money for a hack which I thought the whole point of a hack was to save money? Maybe I am wrong and dressers that look like this finished product are more expensive than even the $800 this hack ikea dresser would cost. I would love to do this hack but am hesitant because of the costs!



    • sarah

      HI Julie, Yes, that sounds about right. The goal of my ikea hack wasn’t just to get an inexpensive dresser but to have a custom piece in the color of my choosing. To get a custom dresser would cost thousands, and I couldn’t find the one I wanted. Also yes, most dressers do cost more that $800.

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  • Fantastic job! The tapered legs make all the difference. I was wondering what type of primer you used and how the paint is holding up. Pine boards are notorious for bleed-throughs over time, even with multiple coats of paint and primer. I’m embarked on a similar hack myself.

    • HI Chris,
      thank you! I used killz primer and the paint is holding up perfectly. Farrow & Ball is worth every penny!

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  • Jamie Barrera

    I just loved this so much it inspired me to do my own hack. I love the way it turned out too! I hope you are ok, but i noted your inspirational dresser in my post (with crediting you of course) Here’s a blog about how ours looks now! Thanks!!

  • Great idea! In stores IKEA quite a lot of inexpensive items that you can give a brand new and unusual species, to give another life!)

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  • i was wondering if you were going to buy that $1500+ dresser on wayfair but this is so much better. totally love it.

  • Those drawer pulls are nice, but for $38 each thats almost not worth it, might as well buy a whole new dresser then! :(

  • The link you provided for the brass pulls, shows a 15″ inch one. Is this the one you used? Thanks.

  • I just came across your site and then a Dutch one that uses the steps and photos from this very post. I couldn’t see you credited anywhere and thought you might want to know:

    This is a brilliant hack and the end result is gorgeous, thank you so much for posting it., it’s astonishing what a difference a small change makes. I’m gathering my courage to attempt it.

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  • hi there! did you use an eggshell or full gloss? thanks!

  • Amanda

    Love this! Did you just prime and paint or did you use a coat of poly at all? Thanks!

  • Hi Shescorts. I’m in the process of doing this hack. you mentioned that you used Kilz primer. which type did you use? there are so many different types. any advice would be great! thanks! :)

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  • I loved the pic and article that you have put.

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  • Hi Shescorts,

    I just love this hack – and the one you did in your bedroom as well. I a, wondering how much you cut of the legs – how many cm/inches and in what angle?

    Really hope you can help, thanks!:)

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  • I would love to see more images and articles from your side. Fantastic Job

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  • Julie Gallagher

    Shescorts I am totally in love with this idea: the legs, the colour paint, the handles. Here is my tip though for what it is worth I have the same drawers (mine I did in grey) and the bottom of the drawers eventually easily slides out, so my tip would be to reinforce them some how or only fill them up half way. Loving your style!

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  • How much paint did you buy? What finish? Eggshell or gloss?

  • Gifts SG

    Lovely colour, seem like gold colour is back in trend, I can see it on the handle.

  • Lovely colour and great collections. I really loved it!!

  • Hi could this work with a male dresser from ikea?
    Thanks x

  • It is a really amazing article. I’d love to read it again.

  • Colorful & beautiful article.

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