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Today I am sharing how we converted our family room/playroom into a nursery!

As I mentioned in the plans post about the space, this is still very much a central part of our house so everything might not scream nursery but it carves out a special place for baby girl. We installed the so that when we have them closed (during naps and night time) it sections the space off into her own room but when the barn doors are open, during the day, it still reads as part of the rest of the house.

First thing we did was clear out the sofa and tv and wallpaper one accent wall with this The colors blend well with the rest of the house but the animals and trees bring in the whimsy that differentiates that space around the crib.

Then we brought in a gorgeous and the .

I found the , , bedding, crib skirt, pillows and ottoman all on . As you might notice the trend of me finding anything and everything on that site.

Next we added black out curtains. I got these from etsy but I didn’t realize the curtains themselves are that vinyl feeling actual blackout material. I might look for a shear liner of some sort to go on top.

In lieu of a mobile we hung a swan created by artist Tamar Mogendorff to round out the crib area. And on the practical side of things, this room doesn’t have any venting to our HVAC system so now that we installed the sliding barn doors we needed a way to adjust the temperature easily. Also being a baby’s room we wanted an air purifier so we brought in the which does all of that in one small package.

Finally, we cleared out the shelves and re-styled them in a lighter more monochromatic way to keep it bright and not too busy. I filled the bottom shelf with these soft which organize all the every day baby items like diapers, swaddles, onesies, baby linens etc. and then tucked the rest of her clothes in the cabinets below. We also added a platform to the middle section (where the tv used to be) to extend it out 3” in order to accommodate the changing pad, turning it into our changing table.

Stay tuned to see the space we created for Archie since we converted his playroom into baby girls’ room.

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