pattern spy: the grid

Maybe it’s the graphic designer in me but I like a simple clean grid pattern. Here are a few that you can wear and decorate or dine with.

1: Zipline Skirt from   //  2: Pillow Shams from   //  3: Grid Washi Tape from   //  4: Mormor Dinnerware designed by for from

  • I’ve been craving something grid patterned in my wardrobe lately. This skirt is great, seems like a really classic piece!

  • The Hach! I love that place. It’s down the street from me in Vancouver.

    • Ah thanks Jenny! I should have known such a cute shop is from there… I still have never been to Vancouver! I need to get up there. It’s definitely on my list!

  • Love that skirt. Makes me wish I actually wore them on occasion.

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