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Today is the day… it’s project Light Lab reveal tour day! And of course I’ve got a couple before and afters for your viewing pleasure because nothing is as satisfying as a good before and after.

If you have been following along you may have seen my post on the design and the progress but in case you didn’t here is a little recap. and teamed up in a new joint venture they named . It is a creative warehouse space for shoots, events, and all sorts of creative happenings. With two extremely different (and I mean basically polar opposite) styles, Anne and Caroline turned to me for the interior design. I wanted to give them both a space they would love which meant giving Anne her sophisticated, muted aesthetic while also catering to Caroline’s vibrant bold vibes.

So without further ado here she is…

In the kitchen I kept things monochromatic, appealing very much to Anne’s style, but also because this will be an event space and I wanted to make sure to have the kitchen be the centerpiece of the space without it dictating the style of an event. The use of black and white and gold lays a classic but modern foundation where the look can be changed dramatically with accessories, florals, etc. To make sure it didn’t go boring I added in special elements like the plywood feature wall, the geometric tiled island, extra extra long floating shelves, matte black cabinets and appliances, the faux marble backsplash, and those incredible gold stools. I also had them paint the entry door in a soft shade of pink, giving Caroline a little hint of color.

Shop the Room:

, , , Beverage Cooler by Kitchenaid // and  (in Artic White) by Formica Corporation  // Cabinet Doors & Drawer fronts and Floating shelves by  (in black Supermatte) // Pendants by  // White wall paint: Nova White by  // Faucet by  // Tile on Island by  // Gold Stools by  e


 In the main lounge area I created the custom prints using some photos I pulled from Caroline’s Instagram feed and Simply Framed printed and framed them for us. Caroline and Jayden’s rug company, Coco Carpets, brought in some color with moroccan rugs and I layered a few to make the extra large lounge space feel laid back and comfortable. Anchoring the area is the extra long sofa that the Light Lab team had custom made using a sofa they found for free as the structure. I just love that channel back. The coffee table was a DIY project made from a piece of remnants Anne picked out from a marble slab yard (more on that soon).

Shop the Room:
Rugs by // Sofa (custom made) // White chairs by , Upholstered in  // Floor Pillows // Coffee Table DIY // Side Table // Leather Chair from West Elm // Floor Lamp // Prints by Shescorts Sherman Samuel + Team Woodnote Printed by //

The second seating area is a little more formal and one of my favorite spots yet. It’s simple but with some unique pieces I love.

Shop the room:
Rug from // // // // // Pillows from and //

(second seating area photos are by )

And finally… the bathroom!! I had to give Caroline a major color statement somewhere and it ended up being in the powder room and I went all out. I did a custom run of my own wallpaper design (limitless walls printed it for me) and went with a bold black and white pattern Fireclay Tile on the floor. Gold fixtures are the glammy cherry on top.

Shop the room: Sink  // Faucet  // Toilet  // Tile  // Wallpaper custom design by Shescorts Sherman Samuel, printed by  // TP holder and Towel Bar  // Towels from   //  Mirror  // Lights by 

And here are a few of the before and after’s I promised…

It has come a long way right?

I never did get a good before photo of the bathroom because it was doubling as a storage room while everything was under construction but the vanity says it all anyway.

I hope you enjoyed following along. Now I need to come up with a new excuse to head to the east side of LA so I can keep up my Light Lab visits. Orrrrr Maybe they won’t notice if I move right in.

Oh and see more about the space today on

Images by Shescorts Sherman Samuel (except where noted by l)

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