Shescorts wallpaper launch!

It’s an exciting day over here in the SSS studio as today is the launch of my wallpaper line on ! I often get requests on the various wallpapers I have designed for different spaces and so I am ecstatic to finally be able to answer… “why yes it is available for purchase and you can buy it !” for each of them.

You may remember the pink bathroom from the creative studio, light lab, where I custom designed a pink marble wallpaper. Well now you can purchase as well as a new version of the artwork in a (shown above).

Next up is I created for the wall in my studio. Inspired by Moroccan rugs, the is probably the most versatile of the bunch and I can’t wait to see how differently it will be styled in other homes. If any of you get it and share a photo make sure to tag me on IG or use the hashtag #sssxluluwallpaper so I can see!

A few years back I created for my son’s nursery and I love the way the pattern still works in the room and will continue to well past the newborn stages even as we switch out furniture and accessories to update the space.

And finally, maybe my favorite (even though I feel like I shouldn’t play favorites since they are all my babies), is I designed for the Christopher Kennedy show house for Modernism Week last year in the home of Kelly Go Lightly. It’s a more subtle pink than the marble and feels like your walls are wrapped in gemstone, which I can see someone really glamming up or treading the glam line just a bit, like I did by pairing it will natural wood and light analogous colors.

See all of my and snag some for yourself on . I’ll also have the link to purchase them in my shop soon so you can come back and find them easily there.

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