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Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you are staying in and avoiding the black friday madness like me, here are a few great things for your viewing pleasure. :)

1: The beautiful work of . they designed from an old brothel is particularly gorgeous.

2: There’s a new online (and brick & mortar) shop in town.  is a well-edited mix of premium products (and also one of the first select stockists of !)

2: This collection of , pretty prints & lovely styling.

4: If you haven’t heard of  yet, I would suggest you hop over to and take a look at their past online issues. Its a publication that features what happens when creatives (photographers, stylists, art directors, etc etc) are at play. It’s not work done for a client, it is a collaboration of their own designing and that is why it has struck a chord with me.

They are currently working on their next issue and have a project to fund it! If you’d like to see the stunning photography and travel stories in print, head over to their page to sponsor the project. There are only 2 days to go! There are all levels of pledges, you can pledge $25 for your own printed issue, and from $30 to $1500 for different limited addition prints from Tiny Atlas contributors. Let’s help them make this publication happen!

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