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winter in michigan // smitten studioAs you may have noticed… I couldn’t get enough of the freshly fallen snow while we were in Michigan. More photos and my favorite winter walks after the jump…

winter in michigan // smitten studiowinter in michigan // smitten studioI grew up going to and it brings back some of my favorite memories. Walking the trail to the beach in the summer, and sledding along the dunes in the winter, it is still one of my favorite parks (pictured in the last two photos as well as, here).

We also walked along a pretty trail in Rycenga Park, where the sun peeked out for just a second, shining on those tall pines in the second photo.

Sometimes it is so nice to spend time outside without having to share it with a million other people. Someplace off the beaten path. I definitely seek those places out as I crave that stillness in nature (flying my Michigan girl flag over here. :)) Do you guys have any favorite outdoor spots that only a local would know?

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  • Shescorts, I absolutely loved these pictures. Having grown up in the same neighborhood, I also spent lots of time at Hoffmaster. The trails and dunes will never get old for me. Those are beautiful photos. You are so talented!

  • my husband & i adore your cabin. would you ever consider listing it on airbnb? :)

  • Ha! These photos are the perfect mix of lovely and hilarious. I’ve never had such a snow filled winter. I live in Portland, Oregon and unless you specifically go up to the mountains, you just don’t get that kind of gorgeous winter…

  • this is so beautiful! i wish i had a pretty snowy winter!

  • You guys are the cutest couple. I want that cabin in the worst way, dream house.

  • These are so beautiful! I love the fresh snow and the tall trees. We’re getting some snow right now in NE and I’m very excited about it!


  • Hi Noelle, Yes! they will never ever get old. :) I drove through to old ‘hood on our trip. It was so weird driving through and not knowing anyone that lived in the houses anymore. It is a whole new generation of families there now. Talk about a big hit of happy/sad nostalgia!

  • Haha thanks Jade! Glad you got a little chuckle out of them. Pretty sure we totally regressed to acting like children the entire trip. I think it is allowed when you go home for the holidays right? ;)

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