smitten travels: wyoming & south dakota

wyoming ghost townHere’s a few more shots from our trip. My sister lives in a small town in Wyoming so after flying into Colorado, we had a 5 hour road trip ahead of us. The open road, the distant horizon and the change of scenery was a welcomed adventure that also made for a pretty great Halloween, made even better by taking the trip in our costumes. Oh yes, we did. More after the jump…

wyoming road tripA few highlights of the trip were finding waterfalls in Spearfish (SD), a casino night at Kevin Costner’s  in Deadwood (SD) and hiking the serenity trail in Newcastle (not counting of course the pumpkin carving, hundreds of rounds of hide-and-go-seek, and millions of renditions of “” with my niece).

See more of our travels here.

Photos by Shescorts Sherman Samuel

  • These photos are gorgeous, though the horse heads always disturb me a bit. I know they’re super popular right now, but I haven’t quite jumped on that bandwagon. Love the others, though!

  • Everything looks so lovely!
    Even the 5 hours i bet where just amazing!

    Love those images with the horse heads, brilliant!

  • Love these photos! Especially with the horse masks, so cute! x

  • This looks like such an amazing trip! Plus, those costumes would make any road trip a bit more exciting.

  • Cool photos, Shescorts. What a nice ‘recap’ of your trip; makes me feel like despite a 5-hour drive (which could have been a drag), you guys turned it into an adventure and took advantage of some great photo ops. We could all learn from that! :)

    • Hi Amanda and Corina, yes! It turned into such a beautiful drive. One of my favorite parts of the whole trip.

  • Stunning photos! Such a beautiful yet almost forgotten area of the country. Thanks for sharing!

  • I can’t believe I just watched that entire video. A part of me is in shock and the other part of me is wondering how on earth I had never seen it before. Beautiful pictures, by the way!

    • haha Kimberly hilarious! I know, just wait… it only takes watching it once and it will be stuck in your head for days. I can still here my niece singing… “what does a fox say… ka kaaa kaka ka kaa”.

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  • Shescorts, I had to hunt down this post again to show you this: . A book of What Does The Fox say! How hilarious is that?! As if my children don’t sing it enough already. ;)

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